Nail Files, SM Center Pulilan

Every once in a while, amid your busy days, you should not forget to treat yourself.  This way, you won't feel burdened in everything that you are doing.  Yes, I also believe in the delayed gratification.  However, too much delay might cause stress, so there, just my 2 cents.

When I was still in my younger years, early 20s, I love pampering myself.  But now that I have my own family, it comes last to my priorities.  I know we have different prerogatives, but for me, my needs wants comes the least.

Anyhoo, last January 2018, my daughter and I pampered ourselves at Nail Files the Hand and Foot Spa at SM Center Pulilan.  Originally, we were supposed to have our foot spa at Nails dot Glow; unfortunately, they won't accept us as it is an hour or so before closing.  Uhm, yes, I got a bit irritated by that rejection as they don't have any cut off time posted.  I just felt that they just don't want to accept any more clients as they were already getting ready to close.  Fortunately, Nail Files accepted us with open hands.  They, the staff, don't bother if it is already closed to closing as long as they are still open, they will still welcome you.

With my daughter
Pamper time

Ambiance and Service.  It is still new at that time, though they are still developing some more rooms for their services, I can say that they have the relaxing ambiance - lights and music.  And the privacy you need, I guess you can achieve it more here than the other spas.  The couches were not put up too close to each other.  And undoubtedly, their service is excellent too.  They know how to treat customers.  And I'm happy.

Value for Money.  I don't know their current rates but at that time, they were a bit pricey compared to Nails dot Glow.  But, if you will get the satisfactory service, it is worth the price.

My daughter
I don't have the beautiful feet to brag, my daughter has :)
white and pinkish glow
Given a chance to be pampered again, I will surely choose Nail Files over Nails dot Glow even they are much pricey.  I am after the service and satisfaction anyway.

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