Callao Cave April 2009

Callao Cave is a cave with seven chambers located on the Province of Cagayan, in the Philippines.
Named after a bird "hornbill" which called in native language as "kalaw". As locals believed that this kind of birds lives and finds their haven in this cave. Unfortunately, nowadays, the're no more hornbill found in the cave.

It is one of the best known tourist attractions of the province. It is located in Barangays Parabba and Quibal, Peñablanca, near Tuguegarao, the capital city of the Province of Cagayan.

It is very easy to explore but requires little test of endurance as you go up the stair with close to 218 steps before witnessing the magnificent limestone and rock formations inside.

there are some rest area between a series of stairs to get some rest and see the beautiful landscape cagayan valley has to offer.

staaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrsssssssss!!! hehehe.

this white rock welcomes all travellers after conquering the 218 steps.

It has a natural cathedral located at the first chamber, which was turned into a chapel by the local people. The conditions inside the cave causestalactites and stalagmites, particularly in the deeper chambers.

Every chamber has natural crevices, which let light get into the cave, serving as illumination for the otherwise dark areas of the place.

This Chapel, being featured in many tourism ads and postcards, is the main attraction of the cave , the 2nd chamber turned into a cathedral by the locals. The place draws a dramatic picture as the skylight illuminates the hall through its opening.

4th Chamber, at the back you'll see the narrow passages leading to the deeper chamber

Its time for some rock formation to capture your attention

an opening in the 4th chamber, although it is not that nice in the picture, but in reality, it is full of tree branches and some vines decorating the opening.

the dogs head in the lower left corner.

Take a look at the horrifying face of a monster, hehehe

Some images of extinct and pre-historic animals.

Dolphin's head,
the Dog's head. looks like wanna get up in the sky.

some stalagmites along the tracks.
The cave's main opening/entrance. in the left corner, a group of geologist digging for something to reveal the true age of the cave or digging for some evidence in their studies.

The path along white rock leads to the stairway.

A moment for the photoshot opportunity. Mororan (Minoran) River cuts the rainforest

The trail leading to the Main entrance of the Callao Cave Eco Tourism Zone Gate.

the hallway leading to the river view deck and port.

The Mororan river besides the valley of Callao cave.

located at the eco tourism zone main entrance, list of services that Government of Cagayan Province offers to their visitors.

6 Responses
  1. eden Says:

    woww.. it is a great place to visit. love all your pictures. thanks for sharing

  2. Paulo Says:

    No problem eden, will keep on sharing :)

  3. marvin Says:

    nice nman! tinodo mo ang cagayan adventure mo ha! dito ba sa callao yung may batang inglesero na tourguide? prang napanood ko yun s trip na trip eh...yung nasa loob b ng cave eh kapilya?

  4. Paulo Says:

    Hi Marvin, Thanks for the comment. I heard something about that English speaking kid, which happens to be a local tour guide at Callao Cave. I learned from the locals there during my visit last April that this English speaking guide were not anymore in the Cagayan, they thought that a known TV personality sponsored his schooling and now in Manila.

  5. Carms Says:

    Nice pics you got there. Wish I could visit those places too (",)

  6. MinnieRunner Says:

    Looks like a very interesting place.