How to Best Enjoy Minute Maid Pulpy Orange?

I believe most of you will agree that doing things with 'the love of your life' will truly allow you to best enjoy every second of it. No matter how simple or complicated a task maybe, doing it hand-in-hand with your love one makes it extraaa special. So, 'How to Best Enjoy Minute Maid Pulpy Orange?' It is by savoring its natural pulp with my girl. In addition to that, it will add extra 'spice' since we would be relishing it after doing our well-loved activity together - running.

My girl influenced me in joining race events. And I never imagined that we would be 'into it' this far. Our feet will surely bring us farther until, I guess, we can complete a full marathon? This coming April, we would be having our first 10K run. In order to prepare ourselves, we had a regular jogging every Friday at UP Diliman. We just go on three rounds in the 2.2K route that will pass by the Oblation. After sweating it all out, it is time rehydrate ourselves, cool down, and enjoy every moment that we're together.

Here are some shots we have after a 6.6K easy jog.

together with a running buddy, RunningAtom

with the love of my life, refreshing after a 6.6K jog, and uhmmm, yeah, we do hold hands most of the time traversing the route

Do we looked like exhausted? Nah! We were already refreshed by Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

How about you? How can you best enjoy your Minute Maid Pulpy Orange? Share your experience and you might be one of my rivals in winning an iPod Touch (32GB).

Living Healthy by Eating Healthy

I am glad that I had influenced my girl in living healthy by eating healthy; although sometimes, we would indulge into tempting desserts. It is just hard to resist it when it is already on the table and they were just few inches away from my reach. Good thing, my girl and I go hand in hand in helping each other to discipline ourselves. Well, of course we fail whenever both of us crave for something at the same time.

Normally, when we would eat more than usual, our escape goat would be “It’s alright, we would be running anyway.” Then we’ll both laugh and my girl would second the statement by saying, “We were running in order to give justice to the amount of food that we eat.” It is funny and at the same time not acceptable, LOL! Our running would be useless if we stay at the same diet that we’re in.

Just recently, we had a free copy of The Bull Runner magazine that features “Runners’ Diet: What Runners Should Eat” that provided in tabular presentation the serving sizes and food variety that we should be eating. Well, it is just the simple guide that lists what one should be eating. So whenever there’s a tempting food in the table, I must recall from the table that it would be healthier to grab a glass of fresh watermelon juice rather than drinking a bottle of softdrinks. Similarly, it would be appropriate to eat fiber bars rather than partying on junk foods.

We were already a step closer to that ‘living healthy by eating healthy’ lifestyle. We already have our regular exercise (running), and we were on the process of disciplining ourselves in the food that we eat.

Go the Distance

Photo Credits: Things We Forget

This is something that I always reminds myself of during running events. Ü

The 10th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair at Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

Me and my girl browsed through the number of exhibitors at The 10th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair by Island Exhibit Link at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall.

I know, anytime later (not sooner), we would be preparing for our own wedding; and attending to such events would open our eyes (and prepare our pockets) for our once in a lifetime event. I was really shocked knowing that the photo and video coverage alone would already cost us 40-60 thousand pesos. And that price is good only for on site bookings. There were also perks if we booked right away (even with a tentative date of marriage) like photo booths. Since photo booths were on free trial, we tried a couple.

We prefer the second one, although it only has three photos. BUT, we were still on the decision process whether to include a photo booth on our reception or not. For now, what we really have to deal with is how to raise the budget that we needed for our "and they live happily ever after" future.

Thrill of the Trail: Bringing Running at a Higher Level

For my avid readers, if there is, you should know by now that I had already joined a total of nine races (one bandit run). And in every race that I joined, I never push myself to the limit; simply because, I wanted to tandem run with my girl, and cross the finish line alongside her. Well, of course except at the New Balance Power Run were I cannot cross the finish line for I am not registered. With that current “addiction” – running – we were enjoying our Sundays at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City almost always.

Right after crossing the FINISH line at Mighty Run

But I guess now, we would be bringing our running at a higher level. It is because of the Thrill of the Trail which we were urged by RunningAtom to join. Of course we were still at the point of hesitations since it is an 11K trail running, and we’re only used to 5K. Although, we already registered ourselves for our very first 10K fun run this April.

I sought details of the run from Thrill of the Trail Facebook fan page and found some interesting points that triggered my excitement of the event. Thrill of the Trail NUVALI is the 3rd edition of the Thrill of the Trail running series here in the Philippines whose primary goal is to promote trail running in the Philippines. Initial legs have been done in Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, this year at Laguna, and Bohol will be next in line. Since the event will be done on Valentine’s Day, they added spice on the race by having an 11K couples category that requires the participants to cross the finish line together while holding hands – which we always do during our race events.

Moreover, the said event will be used as tune-up by enthusiasts for The North Face 100 Trail Running Ultra Marathon, the 1st and only trail running ultra marathon series in the Asia Pacific which currently spans 5 countries (Australia, China, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan). WOW! Will this event make our dreams come true of running outside the country?

I also read the FAQ page of their official website and found tons of exciting thrills. For now, we will be contemplating on this event. Will you encourage us to join or not?

Register - Eat - Blog

Those were the things we accomplished last Tuesday.

Due to insistency of RunningAtom, me and my girl is forced (although we really love to as well) to run a 10K category this coming April for the Mizuno Infinity Race. So to date, we already had 3 lined up runs: (1) Condura Run, (2) Century Superbods Run, and (3) Mizuno Infinity Race. We were also looking at several runs, but I don’t take them as my lined up runs unless we were already registered.

After the registration of our very first 10K run, we wander around to mall to check on singlet or running shirts. We hop from Nike to Adidas to Planet Sports and found ourselves empty –handed. We failed to choose an appropriate singlet for us.

Eat - Blog
Before parting ways, we stop by the food court for my girl was already hungry. While eating, we had a small chit-chat about our blogs. RunningAtom, a blogger-runner like us is asking some points of advice on having the urge to write a post on his blog. Most of the time, he is lazy. I told him to simply post photos whenever he felt wordless. He did mention that he saw my pictures of Mayon Volcano with watermark on it. He asked how I put those watermark on all of the photos. Well, it is with the help of an application named ThumbsPlus. She used a torrent search engine to download software. I just hoped that we had helped him be inspired in continually writing on his blog.

After the meal, we set ourselves to go and bid each other goodbye.

Find Duplicate Files Download Software for My Laptop?

When I first have my laptop November of 2008, I am at peace that I would no longer need an extra external hard drive (HD) for my files – mostly multimedia – for it was at 250GB.

Excited as I am, I navigate through my Dell Inspiron 1525 and accustomed myself to it. It was my first time to navigate a Windows Vista Operating System (OS) and it is my first laptop. As I work through it, I test some functionality so that I could return it in case there were factory defects. Luckily, there’s none.

I go on using my laptop and transfer most of my files from my desktop PC to it. I leave my desktop PC to my younger sister. But, as I copy a file after the other, I noticed that the used space of my HD is increasing twice as fast. If I copy a 1GB file, the used space will increase into a 2GB. I was kind of troubled at that behavior of my laptop. So, I read about Dell Inspiron 1525 and Windows Vista OS as well. I found out that it is a sort of recovery system of Windows Vista OS. I thought that was something serious that I need to search for find duplicate files download software to detect whether the files that I copied is saved in two separate destination folders.

So far, after a year and 2 months, my laptop is still functioning properly. Glad that I made a right decision in purchasing a Dell laptop.

More Pictures of Mayon Volcano

I don't know if we share the same feeling whenever you saw the almost perfect cone of Mayon Volcano. Here are the additional photos from my last Bicol travel, specifically at Legazpi, Albay.

And of course, I'll grab another opportunity to pose with the Mayon Volcano.

More pictures of my Bicol travel to follow.Ü

PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City

My Running Diary:
  1. Adidas King of the Road 2009 - October 25, 2009 : 0:48:59
  2. A Run for the Pasig River - November 8, 2009
  3. Time is Running, The 2009 Timex Run - November 15, 2009 : 0:43:49/0:41:23
  4. Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2009 - November 22, 2009 : 0:53:50
  5. New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope 2009 - November 29, 2009 (Bandit) : 0:38:19
  6. 1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 - December 6, 2009 : 0:42:25 (unofficial)
  7. Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 - December 13, 2009 : 0:38:13 (unofficial)
  8. Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 - December 20, 2009 (chaos)
  9. PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya - January 17, 2010 : 0:36:23

After resting my soles for a couple of weeks, my feet were back on track - on running track. As always, I find it dead hard to hail a cab or a bus on my way to GMA Mini Stop. Good thing, I'm not late, I was just on time for our 5:10AM call time. We were fortunate to have reached the venue of the PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya earlier. Maybe we were that used to having the race there. To date, this is my 9th run. So before we positioned ourselves to the starting line, we responded to the call of nature first. Since the line is considerably long, I failed to have my stretching before the gun start. Anyhow, me and my girl got no plans on running. We agreed to just walk for she is sick.

Having my camera with me, I take photos of my girl every step of the way. I know that photos would make her happy. I was kinda worried about her for it feels like she's pushing herself to her limit. She won't stop jogging unless there's a hydration booth or when her feet is finally giving up. As for me, I just jog alongside her, to support her and hold her hand anytime she needed me. I was glad that the weather is considerate enough not to prick us with the sun's heat. And so, with my girl's persistence, we finished the 5K category surpassing our best time. Official results are already out through PSE's official website ( I had finished the 5K route by 36 minutes and 23 seconds. I ranked 421st among the 830 runners of my category (both male and female). As always, "Crossing the finish line, you can't buy that feeling." (I am a living proof to this statement having a Bandit run at New Balance Run.)

For my review, the race was organized well enough - nice quality singlet (but Adidas for me remains the best), organized race route (only, there were no markers for the 1, 2, 3, and 4KM), sufficient hydration booth (although I would love it better if the supplied Gatorade or Powerade instead of water), and giveaways (in plastic bags and not loot bags). In addition, the registration fee is at a low price (PhP250 for 5K); which is acceptable for the race is purely for FUN and not for a cause.

CaptainRunner and MinnieRunner

RunningAtom, TsuperRunner, RunningPoy, Ishigo, MinnieRunner, CaptainRunner, and BanditRunner

TsuperRunner, RunningPoy, Ishigo, MinnieRunner, CaptainRunner, and Impulse

Hope to see some of you blogger friends on our next run - The Condura Run : Run for the Dolphins.

Mayon Volcano

For us Filipinos, I know that when Albay is mentioned, the first thing that comes in our minds was Mayon Volcano. It is a tourist spot in the said province for its "perfect cone". And since I just visited Albay, I would want to share with you a set photos that I had captured before our plane landed on the airport.

I love the last picture. I was able to capture how lovely Mayon Volcano is. Even it had reportedly erupted or was about to erupt, it still does not lost its beauty. Agree?

I'm Back

Hi guys! I just arrived from my trip at Legazpi, Albay. It was a tiring but fruitful trip for we had accomplished our work on time. Well, as you all know, we travel there for work and not for relaxation or recreation. So, we really don’t have the chance to tour the city and acquaint ourselves with the tourist spots of the land. Gladly, we happen to dine at a site overlooking Mt. Mayon, known for its perfect cone, and got the chance to enjoy the fresh air of the province.

At nights, right after our quality check at Daraga Office, we would normally prepare reports of the day’s work. Then, before I go to bed, I would stay at the lobby and smell some cool breeze. I just miss this kind of air that touches my skin. Back in my hometown, I only feel heat. And back in Quezon City, I only felt the pollution damaging my skin.

After more or less an hour, I’ll proceed to our room and see if there would be great movies to watch from the cable channel. Then I’ll lay my back at the modern bedroom sets of the hotel, until my lull myself to sleep.

Now, I’m back in Manila and got few photos to share with you. But I’ll probably post them later, I need to rest.

Maximizing My Canon A620 Digital Camera

Last Sunday, while my girl is cooking up something for me, I brought out my Canon A620 Digital Camera and maximize its potential. I have several shots that seem to be taken from my Nikon SLR D60.

I bought this Canon A620 last November 23, 2005 at Camera Hauz, SM North EDSA for PhP23,999.00. It almost costs the same as my DSLR now.

What can you say about the pictures?