Mayon Volcano

For us Filipinos, I know that when Albay is mentioned, the first thing that comes in our minds was Mayon Volcano. It is a tourist spot in the said province for its "perfect cone". And since I just visited Albay, I would want to share with you a set photos that I had captured before our plane landed on the airport.

I love the last picture. I was able to capture how lovely Mayon Volcano is. Even it had reportedly erupted or was about to erupt, it still does not lost its beauty. Agree?
3 Responses
  1. gab's mom Says:

    i agree. i guess mayon will never lose it's beauty. =)

  2. Carms Says:

    awesome nice pic u got there ang ganda talaga

  3. RunningAtom Says:

    brilliant photos. I still remember whenever I see the half of Mayon's tip early in the morning in Masbate :)