Living Healthy by Eating Healthy

I am glad that I had influenced my girl in living healthy by eating healthy; although sometimes, we would indulge into tempting desserts. It is just hard to resist it when it is already on the table and they were just few inches away from my reach. Good thing, my girl and I go hand in hand in helping each other to discipline ourselves. Well, of course we fail whenever both of us crave for something at the same time.

Normally, when we would eat more than usual, our escape goat would be “It’s alright, we would be running anyway.” Then we’ll both laugh and my girl would second the statement by saying, “We were running in order to give justice to the amount of food that we eat.” It is funny and at the same time not acceptable, LOL! Our running would be useless if we stay at the same diet that we’re in.

Just recently, we had a free copy of The Bull Runner magazine that features “Runners’ Diet: What Runners Should Eat” that provided in tabular presentation the serving sizes and food variety that we should be eating. Well, it is just the simple guide that lists what one should be eating. So whenever there’s a tempting food in the table, I must recall from the table that it would be healthier to grab a glass of fresh watermelon juice rather than drinking a bottle of softdrinks. Similarly, it would be appropriate to eat fiber bars rather than partying on junk foods.

We were already a step closer to that ‘living healthy by eating healthy’ lifestyle. We already have our regular exercise (running), and we were on the process of disciplining ourselves in the food that we eat.
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