I'm Back

Hi guys! I just arrived from my trip at Legazpi, Albay. It was a tiring but fruitful trip for we had accomplished our work on time. Well, as you all know, we travel there for work and not for relaxation or recreation. So, we really don’t have the chance to tour the city and acquaint ourselves with the tourist spots of the land. Gladly, we happen to dine at a site overlooking Mt. Mayon, known for its perfect cone, and got the chance to enjoy the fresh air of the province.

At nights, right after our quality check at Daraga Office, we would normally prepare reports of the day’s work. Then, before I go to bed, I would stay at the lobby and smell some cool breeze. I just miss this kind of air that touches my skin. Back in my hometown, I only feel heat. And back in Quezon City, I only felt the pollution damaging my skin.

After more or less an hour, I’ll proceed to our room and see if there would be great movies to watch from the cable channel. Then I’ll lay my back at the modern bedroom sets of the hotel, until my lull myself to sleep.

Now, I’m back in Manila and got few photos to share with you. But I’ll probably post them later, I need to rest.
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  1. Carms Says:

    hope you got pics of Mt. Mayon