PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City

My Running Diary:
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  8. Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 - December 20, 2009 (chaos)
  9. PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya - January 17, 2010 : 0:36:23

After resting my soles for a couple of weeks, my feet were back on track - on running track. As always, I find it dead hard to hail a cab or a bus on my way to GMA Mini Stop. Good thing, I'm not late, I was just on time for our 5:10AM call time. We were fortunate to have reached the venue of the PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya earlier. Maybe we were that used to having the race there. To date, this is my 9th run. So before we positioned ourselves to the starting line, we responded to the call of nature first. Since the line is considerably long, I failed to have my stretching before the gun start. Anyhow, me and my girl got no plans on running. We agreed to just walk for she is sick.

Having my camera with me, I take photos of my girl every step of the way. I know that photos would make her happy. I was kinda worried about her for it feels like she's pushing herself to her limit. She won't stop jogging unless there's a hydration booth or when her feet is finally giving up. As for me, I just jog alongside her, to support her and hold her hand anytime she needed me. I was glad that the weather is considerate enough not to prick us with the sun's heat. And so, with my girl's persistence, we finished the 5K category surpassing our best time. Official results are already out through PSE's official website ( I had finished the 5K route by 36 minutes and 23 seconds. I ranked 421st among the 830 runners of my category (both male and female). As always, "Crossing the finish line, you can't buy that feeling." (I am a living proof to this statement having a Bandit run at New Balance Run.)

For my review, the race was organized well enough - nice quality singlet (but Adidas for me remains the best), organized race route (only, there were no markers for the 1, 2, 3, and 4KM), sufficient hydration booth (although I would love it better if the supplied Gatorade or Powerade instead of water), and giveaways (in plastic bags and not loot bags). In addition, the registration fee is at a low price (PhP250 for 5K); which is acceptable for the race is purely for FUN and not for a cause.

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TsuperRunner, RunningPoy, Ishigo, MinnieRunner, CaptainRunner, and Impulse

Hope to see some of you blogger friends on our next run - The Condura Run : Run for the Dolphins.
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