A Run for the Pasig River

I have really been enthusiastic in running after my participation in the Adidas King of the Road 2009. And so, to date, A Run for the Pasig River is my second.

I woke up as early as 3PM just to be in time to the 6AM gun start of the 5K category. Our estimated time of arrival at Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila was 5:30AM. But, with the construction of the extension of the MRT, it caused traffic that early, making us a bit late. Good thing, we're on the staring line before the gun start.

Upon arriving at the venue

I convinced my girl to run, instead of walk, so that we could beat our time last run. But, she still can't go on with my pace. She would have wanted me to leave her and just meet at the Finish line. But I opted to stay and run with her.

There were too many runners then, around 20,000 of us, I think. There were also numerous delegates from different sectors of the society. Helicopters passes over us taking videos of the runners. There were also vehicles that took videos of the runners. We wave our hands each time they pass by us.

There were around 2 water stations in the 5K stretch, but we don't stop since we already got Gatorade with us. Upon crossing the finish line, we headed on our way to the water giveaways and try to see if there were also free banana and bread for the finishers. But, unluckily, only water is provided. Well, there is also shower a few steps away from the finish line. But I dare not took the shower.

It was another fulfilled experience after we cross the finish line. I encourage my girl to improve next time. Hoping to beat our personal time on our next run.

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  1. Basyon Says:

    I know that you and your girl can make it next time. ;D I wanted too to run for a cause. Pero diko alam kung saan ginaganap yan dito sa pampanga. Pero try ko rin next time. ;D

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