Happy Birthday My Girl

Yesterday is my girl's birthday. She had her birthday leave and had spent all day at home, relaxing. To add some spice on her special day, I drop by their place for a dinner. I brought in a cake and a roasted chicken for us to share over the table. I can see from her eyes the happiness that I had instilled in her heart. And that moment already made me equally happy.

While she was busy preparing the table for dinner, I brought out the jersey of Kerby Raymundo, my birthday present. As she opened up the jersey, she almost jumped for joy. In fact, she immediately wore it over her 2009 Timex singlet. She was very very grateful, that up to now, she is giving Thanks! for what I have done on her birthday. As for me, seeing her truly happy is the greatest appreciation I could ever have.

I am glad that I painted a smile on her face before her special day ends.

I just so love her!
4 Responses
  1. glentot Says:

    mmm hmm i have a lot of ditry jokes involving birthdays but I'll just say, Happy Birthday na lang muna hehehehe

  2. Alkapon Says:

    paki extend na lang ang bati ko sa iyong girl..

    Happy birthday sa kanya.

    i kiss mo na rin ako sa kanya.. he he he

  3. Basyon Says:

    Wow! Happy birthday to her! And yes, she look so happy on that photo. ;D

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  4. PUSANG-kalye Says:

    for those of us who found true love, I think it should be our resolve---to make the people we love happy for it is in their happiness that we also find ourselves happy.cheers~~