How Do You Deal With That Annoying Notification?

Duplicates: Twins

I have a personal computer, a Dell laptop, and an iPod classic of 40GB. I also had several USB flash drives. With all these means of storing my files, I still experience the annoying notification of “low or insufficient disk space”. Well, my practice is to store the important files in all of these media, a sort of disaster recovery in my end. The not so important files that I rarely access got burnt using my DVD writer. But I make sure that I have written them in two DVDs, still, for safety purposes.

But, with all the files that I wanted to store, plus the programs that I had installed in my PC; I still got insufficient hard disk space. To resolve such, I am forced to delete old files that I found meaningless. And sometimes, when I do data synchronization in those media, I found duplicate files. But, it’s not easy hitting the Delete key on my keyboard; for I might mistakenly assume that a file is already a duplicate. In this regard, using a duplicate file finder could relieve me the burden of searching duplicate files as well as the burden of ‘worry’ that I might lose relevant files.

How about you? How do you deal with that annoying notification?
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  1. Laboyboy Says:

    wow! idol. like you i also love to go to the diferent places in the philippines!!! but i am just starting.

  2. glentot Says:

    Me I don't store that much files on my computer, just photos, music and photoshop files, and porn. Hahaha. None of them will change my life if accidentally deleted...