This Christmas Break

One more day to toil and the rest is vacation! Hooray! I am really excited with Christmas vacation. It’s the time that I can do the things that I wanted to do but got no time. Well of course I won’t forget to have my peaceful communion with God. After which, I would really enjoy the rest of the vacation before it is finished.

In order to be fit after indulging with fatty foods this season, I will surely make room for exercise. I will be using my stationary bike for this purpose. I will be targeting more than 10 kilometers. Wish me luck then! Got to burn those fats!

For leisure, I will be watching tons of movies with my girl. She just called me now and asked me which movies I wanted to watch this vacation. She got a number of new and old stuffs downloaded by her colleague via Rapidshare Search Engine. I asked her to check first if the movie that she is about to copy is a clear one and is complete. Well, she comforted me and told me not to worry for the said search engine is a very reliable one. And the list is updated religiously.

How about you? What are your plans this coming Christmas break? In any way you would, just don’t forget the real essence of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

O & M Christmas Party

I believe one of the best parts of my employee life is being able to join Christmas parties. It is the time of the year when each and everyone from the office doesn't feel like doing work but preparing for this gathering. It is just nice to have, once in a year, a day of celebration.

Last night is the Christmas Party of our group, the Operations and Maintenance. There were several games namely kalamansi race, pinoy henyo, newspaper dance, and tissue wrap. I participated in the kalamansi race, but our team lost the game, the kalamansi did not even reach me, he he. There were also special numbers by our talented group mates. And most of all, there were tons and tons of good food!

Here are some of the pictures from our party:

Our lechon coming all the way from Iligan City, Mindanao

Kalamansi Race

Tissue Wrap

Pinoy Henyo Winners

Special Number
Special Number

How about you? How did your Christmas party turned out?

Owning a Car, One Step at a Time

I have long been dreaming of owning a car. I am seeing the advantages of having one. I’ll surely find comfort in traveling. At the same sense, I would have no worries in reaching places that I haven’t been yet. I once told my girl, that if we already have our own car, I would tour her in the different places that I have already been. I have been enjoying my work, traveling around the country, but I could have enjoyed it better if I have the company of my girl. And to have it in fulfillment, I am seeing that owning a car would help me achieve it. Well of course, our budget is hindering us. We are prioritizing our dream house, rather than our dream car. Needless to say, I still almost always utter, “If only we already have a car”, whenever we have to travel in agony (okay, that’s exaggeration).

Now that both of us were running buffs, I am also thinking that having our own car could make our ‘new career’ more enjoyable. Have you read my latest post about our recent run? Oh yeah, my challenge is to catch a bus or a cab to bring me our meeting place (deep breath).

And whenever I am telling this to my girl, she always knew how to make me smile; she is always giving me relief. She would tell me that in order to achieve our goal (that is to have a car) we should start one step at a time. “Let’s go ahead and buy an air freshener.” Then, we’ll both burst into laughter. I’ll second the motion by saying, “If we’ll be able to save more, let’s go and buy a steering rack.” (smiling) And that’s happiness for me. But I am really aiming that we could own a car – after having our home built.

Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 at UP Diliman, Quezon City

My Running Diary:
  1. Adidas King of the Road 2009 - October 25, 2009 : 0:48:59
  2. A Run for the Pasig River - November 8, 2009
  3. Time is Running, The 2009 Timex Run - November 15, 2009 : 0:43:49/0:41:23
  4. Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2009 - November 22, 2009 : 0:53:50
  5. New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope 2009 - November 29, 2009 (Bandit) : 0:38:19
  6. 1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 - December 6, 2009 : 0:42:25 (unofficial)
  7. Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 - December 13, 2009 : 0:38:13 (unofficial)
For the record, joining run events is bringing fun and fulfillment on my part. And the greater challenge for me in each and every race is not to cross the FINISH line; but to wake up early in the morning and catch a bus going to the meeting place, LOL! It has always been hard for me to wake up early; and it is harder to catch up a bus. Not to mention the very early moderate traffic brought by the Balintawak Market and the ongoing MRT-LRT construction. Nonetheless, I still make it on time to the meeting place.

In the starting line, we were situated almost next to the Kenyan winner of the Time is Running, the 2009 Timex Run (if we were not mistaken). Unlike last 1st CMDP Yes Run 2009, I did not dare myself to run along with him; for I know I will just tire myself out in the first few seconds of the race. As the trigger is pulled to signal the start, I just fixed my eyes on him, until I had no vision of him at all. He really runs so fast, but with simplicity. My girl allowed me to go ahead of her. She told me that she’ll practice her pacing. But of course I did not let myself run too far from her. I would always see to it that she is just within my eyesight.

My role as her official photographer had been detached from me for this run, LOL! Thanks to RunningAtom's wifey who captured our photo perfectly. I did not even notice her. So this is a natural picture of me while running.

Oh, look at my saggy cheeks =(

In the second water station, we stopped to have ourselves hydrated. And then she held my hand. I know she needed my support, and so I ran beside her. She told me that her left knee was aching; but she is a wonder for she was still able to run and continue with her pace – until we crossed the FINISH line at 0:38:13.

After crossing the finish line, we already lined ourselves up in the freebies to finishers: (1) Mighty Bond bracelet, (2) Lugaw with Quail Eggs, (3) Bacchus Energy Drink, (4) Magazine, and (5) Certificate. We failed to have the free Elasto Seal, they ran out of stock. We also did not avail of the free photo shoot for we’re seeing that it’ll just be a waste of time similar to what happened in the New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope. We just take photos of ourselves.

At the stage

While waiting for the program to end, awarding of the winners and raffle prizes, we sat in front of the Palma Hall.

RunningAtom, BanditRunner, RunningPoy, CaptainRunner, TsuperRunner's Son Quiel, BanditRunner's Sister, MinnieRunner, and TsuperRunner

For me, UP Diliman is the best race venue so far. It is for nature lovers.

1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 at UP Diliman

My Running Diary:
  1. Adidas King of the Road 2009 - October 25, 2009
  2. A Run for the Pasig River - November 8, 2009
  3. Time is Running, The 2009 Timex Run - November 15, 2009
  4. Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2009 - November 22, 2009
  5. New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope 2009 - November 29, 2009 (Bandit)
  6. 1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 - December 6, 2009
WOW! I am amazed that I already got a total of six (6) runs; when in fact, I only started last week of October. Conclusively, I have been running on a weekly basis, and I feel great about it. For this year, I got a couple of races more; then, we would be resting our tired legs and continue our addiction next year.

It was my first time to run at UP Diliman, Quezon City. In the last five (5) runs that I had joined, they all took place at Taguig (Fort Bonifacio and McKinley Hills). Upon arriving at the university, I got a little chilled by the cool breeze. There were a lot of trees in the surroundings that contributed to the cold atmosphere. And I said to myself, "It would be great to run here at UP Diliman."

CaptainRunner with MinnieRunner

Before the race began, I position myself in front of the line. I would try to run along with the 'competitive runners' until I surrender, LOL. At the gun start, I really tried to run as fast as I could to keep up my pace with those runners who were really running for the prizes. After a short distance, 200m perhaps, I stopped and gasped for air. I really can't run with them. Well, in fairness to myself, I haven't been training for such type of running. But at the back of my head, I would have wanted to run as fast as they could. And oh my, this race had startled me; even my girl is running faster than I do. I remember a number of times when she was trying to encourage me to run and not to walk. The world just turned upside down now. Before, I would run farther from her, she would catch me, then I would run further and ask her to continue with her pace. But now, it's the other way around. I even mentioned to her that she could continue her pace and just me meet at the finish line. But she loved me equally that we still cross the finish line at the same time.

Yes Run

After the 5KM stretch that we ran, my girl and her colleagues do some jump shots for the university's grounds is really suitable for such. We had so much fun out there.

The Best Jump Shot

My Best Jump Shot

And while there were still busy doing some photo shoots, I roam around and found out a number of booths around. There's the 2010 Bull Run and Rizal Day Fun Run booths. (We registered ourselves in the Bull Run.) I had also spotted a free clinic at the university every Sundays. We are planning to join this clinic next year.

Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 and PhilStar Christmas Celebrity Run 2009

Countdown: 15 days to go before Christmas!

Before Christmas and before the year ends, I had a couple of runs left. Yesterday, we (CaptainRunner, MinnieRunner, and RunningAtom) registered ourselves to the following:

  1. Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009
    UP Diliman, Quezon City
    December 13, 2009
    Beneficiary: Bantay Bata 163
    Registration Fee: PhP300

  2. PhilStar Christmas Celebrity Run 2009
    Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
    December 20, 2009
    Beneficiary: GILAS
    Registration Fee: PhP350
Here's the singlet design accompanied by these fun runs:

Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 Singlet

PhilStar Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 Singlet

Will I see you there?

Happy Death

My Tita (Aunt) Bebe, the youngest of my father's siblings have her unity with God last Friday, December 4, 2009 at around 2:30-3 the afternoon due to complication brought about by her breast cancer. My family have been grieving for her loss. We are set to send her unto her grave tomorrow morning at Bocaue, Bulacan. Her death (even during the days that she had been struggling from cancer) had really moved me. I have been longing to blog about her and her husband who lived to their marriage vows (in sickness and in health - and now, till death do us part) in simplicity - even without a child. It is really sad that I have to blog about it right now that she already passed away; nonetheless, I am really proud of her and her loving husband - and so I dedicated this post to her.

I have been a witness to their outstanding, if not perfect, love for each other - Tita Bebe and Mama (Uncle) Edgar. At the moment that we become aware of Tita Bebe's condition, she insisted to stay at our place (Bulacan) with her siblings, rather than at Pampangga (in her husband's). With that, Mama Edgar consistently visits her and takes care of her - pouring love at her. During the times when Tita Bebe is hurting badly, Mama Edgar is right beside her. What more can my Tita Bebe ask from his husband? And I am really touched by the love they had for each other, as if their love is overflowing.

When my Tita Bebe was confined in the hospital few days back, Mama Edgar never ceases to gave her the courage and support that she badly needed - until her last breath. I am happy the way Tita Bebe faced death. She had confessed to my father that she is ready, that she no longer feared of dying. She had been blessed by God with 47 fruitful years - enough to witness God's Providence and true love of her husband.

In her wake, I can see the glow in Mama Edgar's face. He already accepted the fact that the borrowed life of Tita Bebe needs to be returned to our Creator. And he is equally glad that he was able to show her his great love for her - a love until death. That was something I can call - a Happy Death.

To God be the Glory!

Photo Credits:

You Gotta See This Video Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

During my girl’s McHappy Fun Run, I have been her official photographer using my Nikon D60 SLR. But, I failed taking nice shots because of my poor vision. She told me that she already saw me from afar and thought that I am already setting up my camera to take photos; just to know that I still haven’t saw her. And I just noticed her as she waved her hand on me. Oh my blurry eyes.

So what’s my eyesight have to do with this post? My experience strongly suggests the benefits of having a better vision. And that is exactly what the “You Gotta See This” Video Contest is all about. In cooperation with Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), this iLASIK Video Contest aimed at promoting better vision by seeking people who could testify that a better vision could improve people’s lives. Interestingly, the prizes that are up for grabs are:

Second Prize (one in each video category):
  • The Flip UltraHDTM camcorder – a $199.99 value
First Prize (one in each video category):
  • HDTV package – a $2,500 value
$5,000 Grand Prize

To join, simply follow these steps:
  1. Submit A Video. You can choose among the 3 video categories.
  2. Tell Friends to Vote. C’mon, I knew you’ve got a lot of net friends who could help you out.
  3. Have A Change to Win. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll bring home that Grand Prize.
Good Luck!

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My Free Samsung E1080 Mobile Phone

If you still remember my post I Bought a Samsung LCD Monitor P2250, I stated there the reasons why I bought it right away. Foremost was the promo of Buy Now, Pay Next Year by BDO. And the second one is this:

My Free Samsung E1080 Mobile Phone

Yup! Their promo is for real. So for those of you who are still hesitant to buy and take advantage of the promo, here's a proof that it is for REAL!

Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales and My Nikon D60 SLR

I hardly remember the last time I set my foot on a zoo. Probably it was when I accompany my nephew and his family at Manila Zoo. I could barely recall. And last Saturday, I set my foot once more on a zoo, the Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales, together with my girl and her family. It was her sister-in-law’s birthday. And since it was a zoo where a lot of picture perfect subjects are available, I bring with me my Nikon D60 SLR.

The trip to Subic had been a breeze since we take the SCTEx (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). The mere scenery along the expressway is already a good subject for my photo shoots. But since we’re moving, I cannot take a good shot.

Upon arriving at Subic, we had our photo session along the shore of Subic Bay and outside the Gerry’s Grill where we had our lunch. I got a handful of quality shots there. By the way, there were two of us who bring along our SLR’s. And I believe these were the best of our pictures, he he.

Zoobic Safari had an entrance fee of PhP449 which already includes a minimum of 2 hours tour around the zoo where you would be accompanied by tour guides by group. I believe there were around 50 of us in a group. The way to the Tiger Close Encounter and Tiger Safari is a long walk, so they advised to have your vehicle with you. Or, you may take the train for PhP50. For us, we go for the train ride so that we won’t be left behind by our tour guide. You’ll be taken back via coaster to the pavilion (entrance) after the trip.

As we tour around, I take bunch of photos. In our whole trip, I had 506 shots, he he. I am just trigger happy, with my SLR. Here's a few.

On our way home, we drop by Duty Free to buy some chocolates and other imported goodies. It is already dark outside. My girl asked me to take a shot of her while writing something through the lights from her cell phone. Her brother handed her a flash light, her cousin asked me to lengthen my shutter speed, and here’s the result.

If I have a tripod, the image would be much clearer. I would want to study this kind of photography.

It was my girl’s sister-in-law’s birthday, but everyone from the trip enjoyed the Zoobic Safari, a part of which is brought about by our Nikon DSLR’s Ü

Bandit Running at New Balance Power Run Raising Hope, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City

I have been convinced by my girl to join her running escapades during the Adidas King of the Road Running Expo 2009 at Megatrade Hall B, specifically, because of the singlet. With that, I am not registered to the recently held New Balance Power Run Raising Hope. The said event is originally scheduled last September 27 (when I am still not open for running events). But since Typhoon Ondoy unexpectedly bring forth wrath in the country, it was postponed and was re-scheduled on November 29 (last Sunday).

I really felt bad that I was not able to have myself registered for this event. But, even without a race bib, I run side-by-side with my girl - a so-called bandit running.

I was not able to start my run in the starting line. I was there waiting for the gun start a few meters away from the line. And as my girl passes by, I joined her and we run the 5K stretch. Before crossing the finish line, I have to move apart. I just waited, once more, for my girl after she crossed the finish line. And then I suddenly blurted to her that, 'Crossing the Finish Line, you really can't buy that feeling'. I don't know. But the feeling is really uneasy, unaccomplished. I should have cultivated my running endeavor earlier.

While waiting for my girl beyond the starting line

After parting ways before the finish line

Posing at the stage with a borrowed finisher's medal

I also get the perks registered runners have had during the event. The only thing that I was not able to have was the finisher's medal and the drinks that were given after the finish line. But eventhough I was able to get all those freebies, I must say that the feeling is not fulfilled - there's something missing -- for I failed to cross the FINISH line.