O & M Christmas Party

I believe one of the best parts of my employee life is being able to join Christmas parties. It is the time of the year when each and everyone from the office doesn't feel like doing work but preparing for this gathering. It is just nice to have, once in a year, a day of celebration.

Last night is the Christmas Party of our group, the Operations and Maintenance. There were several games namely kalamansi race, pinoy henyo, newspaper dance, and tissue wrap. I participated in the kalamansi race, but our team lost the game, the kalamansi did not even reach me, he he. There were also special numbers by our talented group mates. And most of all, there were tons and tons of good food!

Here are some of the pictures from our party:

Our lechon coming all the way from Iligan City, Mindanao

Kalamansi Race

Tissue Wrap

Pinoy Henyo Winners

Special Number
Special Number

How about you? How did your Christmas party turned out?
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