Shanghai, China - August 2011 Travel

For the second time, I've been blessed to visit China for another business trip. While last time I've been to Beijing, this time I got the chance at experiencing Shanghai.

Above is a photo of me at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Times like this, my iPod Touch is really of great use. I took advantage of the airport's free WiFi to let my girl know that I safely arrived China.

On the other hand, internet connection is not that too good for me. At the hotel where I stayed, Jinlong International Hotel, only Local Area Network (LAN) is available for internet connection. Add up to this are the restricted sites such as Facebook, Blogger, and Yahoo Mail. But I have lived with it for six days. Praise be to God!

As for the factory where I do business with, it is located at 210 Country Rd Nantong Jiangsu. Fortunately, WiFi is available within the area. But, I simply use it to communicate with my love ones back here in the Philippines.

A number of blessing poured over me in my Shanghai trip despite the fact that I was not able to tour around the city due to time constraint. One of which is the changing of Typhoon Mufia's course; and a plateful of breakfast to say the least.

My breakfast in Haian!

My last breakfast in Haian! Sarap!

I still got a lot of pictures to share, so stay tuned!