Shanghai, China - August 2011 Travel

For the second time, I've been blessed to visit China for another business trip. While last time I've been to Beijing, this time I got the chance at experiencing Shanghai.

Above is a photo of me at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Times like this, my iPod Touch is really of great use. I took advantage of the airport's free WiFi to let my girl know that I safely arrived China.

On the other hand, internet connection is not that too good for me. At the hotel where I stayed, Jinlong International Hotel, only Local Area Network (LAN) is available for internet connection. Add up to this are the restricted sites such as Facebook, Blogger, and Yahoo Mail. But I have lived with it for six days. Praise be to God!

As for the factory where I do business with, it is located at 210 Country Rd Nantong Jiangsu. Fortunately, WiFi is available within the area. But, I simply use it to communicate with my love ones back here in the Philippines.

A number of blessing poured over me in my Shanghai trip despite the fact that I was not able to tour around the city due to time constraint. One of which is the changing of Typhoon Mufia's course; and a plateful of breakfast to say the least.

My breakfast in Haian!

My last breakfast in Haian! Sarap!

I still got a lot of pictures to share, so stay tuned!
4 Responses
  1. Even Yahoo mail is restricted in China? Didn't know that. Grabe naman sila. =)

  2. Dhemz Says:

    how awesome...been wanting to visit China...hope one of these days....kakagutom naman tong bf mo...yummmmy!

    looking forward to see more photos.

  3. That is an opportunity for young guy like you to visit the country outside the Philippines, not everybody have that same opportunity in life, enjoy and make sure you take tons of pictures to bring home hehe

  4. MinnieRunner Says:

    Nasaan na 'yung ibang pictures? :)