What Time is It?

It’s game time! That is my favorite cue in basketball.

Anyway, my first watch is given to me by my parents while I was still studying. It is an automatic and waterproof watch. But I guess, due to wear and tear, I feel the need to replace it. Thus, I decided to buy a new one from my own pocket. And yes, watches (of good quality) are really that expensive.

I had purchased my watch at US courtesy of my officemates who had their vacation there sometime last April. I believe the price there will be a little low as compared here. On the other hand, I am not into online shopping. So, buying online is not an option. It is because I am afraid of fraudulent sites.

But later on, I discovered www.bestoftime.com that claimed to offer 100% genuine and authentic brand new and pre-owned Rolex watches. To give shoppers encouragement to buy, they offer substantial discounts resulting to a retail price much lower than that of the suggested by the manufacturer. Yes, I am hesitant to believe at first, but through online readings, I found out that Best of Time, also known as Alex Jewelry is a member of Better Business Bureau and had received an exceptional A + Rating, the highest possible rating a business can get. With this reputation, I know now that buying online is secure.

Burgoo at SM North EDSA, The Block

My Cebu trip was cancelled. So, I browse my archived photos to look for something to share. Here, I found photos of me and my girl 2 years ago at Burgoo in SM North EDSA, The Block, at the 3rd level to be specific. This is worth to share because it is my girl's fave resto.

Normally, we would spend around PhP600-PhP800. Our all-time favorite is the Seafoods Jambalaya. That menu alone could already feed your hungry stomach. It contains a variety of seafoods, tomato, and java rice. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of it here.

This is me 2 years ago, chubbier than present :D

An attraction of Burgoo is their placemat wherein you could write/draw with the crayons provided. While waiting for our ordered food, we have our Q&A about the important and first moments that we have in our relationship. And here's a shot of what we had scribbled.

My Answers

Her Answers
She committed a mistake in the question "Where did we first met?". Although it is true that we had seen each other at the 3rd floor of our school, it is on the quiz show where we really see each other eye-to-eye.

This is the view from our table, that is Trinoma.

Multimedia Downloads

I have been fond of doing multimedia downloads ever since I got my iPod. Each new music or MTV’s that comes out, I would really search for it and download it to enjoy it with my iPod. However, it requires me a considerable amount of time in searching for the right multimedia since most of the returned results by Google sometimes show invalid or fraudulent sites. Or worse, a virus infected URL. But now, I have to worry no more. Rapid4me - Rapidshare Search Engine is now available that significantly combine searching and downloading into a one-stop portal. Now, whenever a new hit arrive, say the Nobody by the Wonder Girls, I have to simply use Rapid4me with ease.

Globe Platinum Cinema at Gateway Mall

I am not a movie goer, but I can say that it is best to experience every kind of cinema there is. I already enjoyed the thrill of being one with the movie through the IMAX 3D of Mall of Asia. I had compared the excitement with Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema. And I have shared both experiences with you. Now, I'll be going to share another superb form of movie entertainment, the Globe Platinum Cinema.

In my lazy boy seat.

Globe Platinum Cinema located at the 4th Level of Gateway Mall, situated beside Araneta Coliseum has made itself popular through its cozy lazy boy seats and unlimited (but now, it is NOT) popcorn and iced tea treats. The movie costs PhP351 (Angels and Demons). I should say that it is worth the cost since you really can relax while watching the film. I had really laid down while watching and eating my popcorn. And oh, by the way, the movie is interestingly great!

Our Dream House

Last week, I got the chance to talk with my girl’s cousin who happens to be an architect. The topic for discussion is me and my girl’s dream house. We are planning to have our house built within their compound. And we find it comfortable if it is her cousin to do the work for us.

We had discussed basic details for our dream house, from the number of bedrooms, comfort room, kitchen, storey, ceiling, and the like. Anyway, dreaming isn’t bad at all. Her cousin suggested having an attic for the house instead of preparing it to have a 2nd floor. It will, therefore, be a 4 bedroom house. We had also discussed about the ceiling. Glad that I have a little knowledge about the available materials in the market. Her cousin also got to explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of one from the other.

Talking about the kitchen, my girl got interested. Probably because she thought she would be spending most of her time in that part of the house. Again, we tackled the materials from the kitchen sinks, tiles, and faucet among others. She particularly said that she wanted a kitchen with an island.

I must say the discussion is worthwhile. Now I really got to tighten up my belt and be resourceful to find out what would be the best design of our dream house.

8 Waves Waterpark, San Rafael, Bulacan

In one of my summer nights last May, I had spent it with my girl and her family at 8 Waves Waterpark, San Rafael, Bulacan. It was a simple night swimming, and a lot of fun.

The said waterpark is situated in Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan which is owned and developed by Villamar Construction & Development Corporation. On the other hand, Univill Corporation manages the resort. I must say, it is one of the finest attraction of Bulacan, being popular for its waves. But since we had visited the resort at night, we failed to experience the 8 kinds of waves (it is only available in day swimming), we only got the chance to swim in their lap and bubble pools. As for the rates, we only paid PhP150 for adult and PhP70 for Stephanie, my girl's Mom and Auntie (Senior Citizens).

The Waterpark's Entrance

The Giant Dolphin

This is our cottage worth PhP300 (I guess). It has its own padlock, a table, and a celing fan. So, it's safe to swim without even having someone to look for your valuables.

This is the 4ft. pool where we stayed most of the time in our night swimming. By the way, night swimming is only from 6PM to 11PM.

This is the artistic wall design going to the shower.

They also have the hotel if you prefer to stay and sleep there. But we haven't tried it yet. For more info about this, you may visit their official website here.

In their parking area, they have there landscapes suitable for photo shoots :D

And since we cannot bring along food inside the result, we satisfied ourselves eating at the parking lot. Most of the people do that here. A thrift decision. But if you don't want to bring any food, there is a Pancake House inside the resort where you can dine. Also, there is a Mini-Stop in front of the parking area.

In the hotel's lobby, I got the chance to have a photo shoot too :D

While wandering around the resort, we find this interesting photo opp and grab the chance. How did we look? Perfect! :D

Cable or Satellite TV?

After a long day of work, I would normally lie down in my hotel room and watch TV. As for me, watching TV is one of the simple means of entertaining myself. With that, it would be great if I could get enough of my TV right?

In the previous years, local channel had been replaced by cable networks. But in the recent years, these cable networks are gradually being replaced by satellite TV. What’s the difference? Well, there’s so much of the difference. Satellite TV Providers had the edge in picture quality (they use digital rather than analog), channel selection (they offer more channels over cable), HD channel (they offer 100 HD channels as compared to 60 of cable), and DVR and Computers (they allow reception through your personal computers). These are just the basic Satellite TV Facts that I got myself informed. So, what would be your choice, cable or satellite TV?

Monte Vista Resort at Calamba, Laguna

With my happy feet, I am lucky to have visited Calamba, Laguna last week of July. So far, we have been travelling every other week. Last week, I had visited Panggasinan. Next week, I'm flying to Cebu. But for now, let me talk a little about the resort I had stayed in for a week, the Monte Vista Resort at Calamba, Laguna. Here is a teaser of my Laguna travel.

Monte Vista Resorts

Monte Vista Resort is owned and operated by Philkraft Realty and Development Corporation of the Philippines whose office is situated at LG 34, 146 Alfaro Place, 146 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. They can be reached at telephone number 829-8018, fax number 829-8023, email address montevistaresorts@yahoo.com, and website http://www.montevista.com.ph/.

There were three resorts available, to wit:

  1. Monte Vista Hotpsrings and Conference Resort
  2. Monte Vista Beach Resort
  3. Makiling Highlands Resort

We specifically stayed at Monte Vista Hotsprings and Conference Resort. I must say I really enjoyed the stay at the resort, most especially the night swimming me and my company had after a long, and not so tiring day of audit.

The resort is located at Pansol, Calamba, Laguna and can be reached at (049)-545-1259/545-2101. They can also be reached through their Manila line at 420-8225 to 26. I have here the prevailing entrance rates of the resort in case you'll be interested to drop by and enjoy their amenities.


PhP 95

PhP 125

Children (12 yrs and below)



Students (w/ valid ID)



Senior Citizen (w/ ID)



Teachers (w/ ID)



Children Below 3 feet



As for the amenities, they offer picnic tables, rooms for overnight and long staying (which I got to enjoy very well), other facilities such as jacuzzi, basketball, volleyball, billiards, tennis (which, by the way, I'm a varsity player), water basketball, video games, neon air hockey, videoke, board games, and 2-storey conference center.

I don't get enough time to get the chance to experience or try all of those amenities. Well, I am there for work and not for leisure. So, I really can't say anything about it. :D

The Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio

I admit this is a very very late post. Nonetheless, this is worth sharing. I guess not everyone knows where to find the ube specialty at Baguio City. Yes, the one similar with that of Tagaytay City.

The Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio is the last stop we had during our June visit there. Second to the last was the Mines View Park. According to my research,

The store is popularly known for the different products made by the Good Shepherd nuns and visitors coming up to the city who are familiar with items sold in the store always make it a point buy something to take back home. Among the most sought items are fruit preserves, strawberry and ube jams, cashew and peanut brittle, and coco jam. Most of their products are also sold by different stalls in the Baguio Public Market and at various other outlets within the city. The money generated from the sale of their products is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

I take a picture of the convent's welcome signage.

Inside the store where we buy our ube jam as our pasalubong.

There is, similar to Tagaytay City, an overlooking here too. Thus, we take the chance to have a picture, with our same shirts "Fishers of Men" on.

Know Everything About Web Hosting

My girl had encouraged me to regularly update this blog. She told me that it will help me increase my page rank. And a higher page rank (PR) would mean many opportunities to earn money online. She as well told me that owning a domain will help acquiring higher PR. As of now, I am still on the learning process into this whole blogging thing, but I really get interested in personalizing my domain. Say, www.pamarquez.com. Sounds great huh? Therefore, I have to know everything about website hosting.

I normally browse over the net to equip myself with enough knowledge about anything that interests me. And web hosting is not an exemption for me. Just like how I bought my Nikon D60 SLR camera, I sort of made a canvass of the prices, quality, and client testimonials about a store and a product before I finally decide to buy one. Fortunately, I found everything I wanted at www.webhostingrating.com. They simply do the canvassing for me. Their homepage showcases the top 10 web hosting providers for the current year. On their right side bar is the list of the hosting awards for the year 2008. Hence, it’s a tedious activity done for me.

Some terminologies stated there are “never-heard” words for me. With that, I had also read from their articles section that provides easy navigation with its Search function.

Night at SM Mall of Asia

As promised, I had here a separate post of the Mall of Asia (MOA), specifically that of the attraction beside the Manila Bay. Claimed as the largest mall in Asia, MOA provide a variety of leisure activities that will let you enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the magnificent man-made structures.

The mall's architectural design is of elongated circles. They took advantage of the wind contributed by the Manila Bay by creating a non-air conditioned building. It provides you the urge to visit the body of water as provided by their walk-way.

On the bridge, you'll be able to see a city-like view, with all the tall buildings and the vehicles. But once you get down, you'll be able to enjoy the "park-like" area provided for. They've got there an area that seem to serve as a sort of gym. Though it is only really meant for playing. They also got a number of restaurants and coffee shops that will attend to your cravings when you got tired of walking beside the bay. Lucky for us, we had spotted a Michael Jackson look alike in front of a bar. It is the statue-like person that got to move once you lay money on their cans. At the heart of the park is a fountain that somewhat provided cool air. I must say the view is spectacular.

Indeed, it is kinda far from my hometown. But it is worth the travel. Specially if there's pyrolympics :D

Reflecting About the Weather

I feel hot and sticky outside. Good that I am now within the comforts of my air-conditioned room here in a hotel at Pangasinan. Now, I feel much better. As I am reflecting about the weather, I wonder how do the people around the world, experiencing the same heat as I do, surpass their day-to-day activities. Or, what do these people do to get rid of the sticky feeling caused by the heat. On the other hand, how and what do people do that live in the coldest part of the world?

Nonetheless, I suppose I am sharing the same thoughts as the people living in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Arizona, and the like. And that view is that, beyond the kind of weather that we have, we still have something to be thankful for. There were still advantages of having such kind of weather.

Anyhow, in case you wanted to move to other countries and find yourself wanting to stay somewhere of the same weather, you might want to try visiting a site about Arizona real estate, the Scottsdale Fine Properties. They got their agents’ biography and email listed in their site; so, no rooms for being fooled by unauthorized agents.

Harry Potter at IMAX 3D, SM Mall of Asia

I had an extended birthday celebration with my girl at SM Mall of Asia (MOA). She actually offered me to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at IMAX 3D. A couple of years ago, I had celebrated my birthday with her watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX 3D too. I am not that into Harry Potter, but knowing that she loves watching the movie moved me to be interested as well. The 3D experience is superb that you really have to marry it with a box office hit movie.

We arrived there around 2PM, so we had purchased the movie tickets for the 5PM show. With that we wander around at MOA first and take some pictures. But, I'll be having a separate post of the mall's sidewalks, so, stay tuned.

Here, we had a photo opp at the Harry Potter movie billboard(?). Thus, I made my pose.

In order to kill boredom of waiting for the movie to start, we take photos of MOA.

And here's my best picture, ha ha..

And, for the much awaited movie, I had my shot with my 3D glasses.

I must say that the PhP400 worth of IMAX Tickets is fair. As what I had stated in my post about Trinoma's Digital 3D Cinema, it is incomparable. IMAX let's you experience a film that allows you to feel somewhat really PART of the movie. A must try experience I should say.

On Real Property Management

Traveling gives me the opportunity to feed my eyes with thousands of wonderfully built houses. With that, thoughts had been staying on my mind, positively thinking that someday, I got to own one of those astonishing houses.

I as well dream of owning a house for rent to create an additional income opportunity for me and for my family. But, if time won’t allow me to fully manage that ‘dream business’, I will resort to an outsourcing company that is expert in Real Property Management.

Browsing over the net, I had learned that a full service company named Real Property Management exists, and that they had received the “Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention” award. With that recognition, RPM will be the best choice in fulfilling my dream.

DJ Paradise Bowling Lanes at Malolos City

About 4 years ago, I had been at DJ Paradise Bowling Lanes with my girl. We played the duck pin bowling to serve as her practice in their bowling tournament in their office at the Provincial Government at Bulacan. This year, we, once more, went to the bowling lane to have another practice game. However, this time, we played the ten pin bowling. It is in prep for their upcoming bowling tournament at Star Malls.

I'm not a professional bowler, but I can play. I believe I can't match the expertise of her father, whom she bragged as a champion from Saudi Arabia. But, I do believe that I made her happy and confident enough to play on their tournament.

I got several photos in the place, and that's what I will be sharing with you. And I'm proud that I got a turkey (3 consecutive strikes). She did some strikes and spares too. But she's a little disappointed not reaching a hundred pin falls.

I got a turkey!

After sweating the game out

As for my review of the bowling lanes, it is fair that it is not air-conditioned. Their rate only costs PhP50 per game. The lane we had used do not malfunction on our 4-game bowling. And the automatic scoring do not fail as well.

Longing for Another International Trip

I have always been traveling almost all over the Philippines. I can say that I had already explored Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Just now, I am here at Pangasinan for some audit works. Although I don’t find my work boring, I just feel that it will be more enjoyable if I’m really there for a trip or vacation. At the same time, it will be more meaningful if I’m there together with my family. Anyhow, I knew that one of these days, I could travel for leisure with the love of my life.

Fortunate for me, my work already sent me to other countries such as Japan and Thailand. I’d say that I really wanted to discover new countries’ culture and beliefs, as well as their tourist spots. With this, I would like to thank our business partners there. They had served as our tour guides as we enjoy the beauty of their countries. But, my last out of the country trip had already been more than a year ago. And I guess now, I had been longing for another international trip.

I could have already been to Switzerland, but my travel was cancelled. As of now, I am eyeing a trip that is different from my previous travels. Perhaps a travel Via Australis is a great choice. I would really love to have a cruising trip through the bodies of water for a new thrill. With that, I will be able to take photos of the Magellan straight, the Beagle channel and Cape Horn. Of course, I will be sharing them with you.

Choosing Australis, I will then be dropping off to Chile, a ribbon-like country. Probably I would start learning Spanish to be able to communicate with its countrymen. With my Chile travel, I’ll make it a point that I would be able to visit their tourist spots such as San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, and Torres del Paine.

And to complete my trip, I will be having a stop at Termas de Chillan ski resort and try my skills (If I have any). Or, if I got cold feet, I’ll just resort to swimming in one of their swimming pools, ha ha.

Okay, have to park now, got to work.

Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema

Three days after my birthday, I had been able to watch Ice Age 3 in digital 3D format at Trinoma together with the love of my life and her family.

The size of the cinema is of normal size as any other. It was only the film that had been transformed into digital 3D; hence, you need to have a special eyeglasses to appreciate 3D. With that technology, the normal PhP170 movie tickets are now PhP300. I cannot 100% attest that it is fair. I do enjoy the movie, but there is something missing in the feel of 3D experience (as compared to IMAX at the Mall of Asia). It is because of the size of the screen. Here at Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema, the screen is a bit small, making you see the other persons in the movie house. Unlike in IMAX, the screen is large enough that it feels like you are really PART of the movie, itself.

Here are some of the pictures I had inside the cinema. Actually, the model here is the love of my life.

If you haven't experienced watching movies in digital 3D format, I suggest you first watch at Trinoma or SM Digital 3D Cinemas for you to appreciate the experience. Otherwise, I'd better watch in IMAX at MOA or SM North EDSA for the best 3D experience. Anyway, it is only a hundred more in terms of ticket price.