Our Dream House

Last week, I got the chance to talk with my girl’s cousin who happens to be an architect. The topic for discussion is me and my girl’s dream house. We are planning to have our house built within their compound. And we find it comfortable if it is her cousin to do the work for us.

We had discussed basic details for our dream house, from the number of bedrooms, comfort room, kitchen, storey, ceiling, and the like. Anyway, dreaming isn’t bad at all. Her cousin suggested having an attic for the house instead of preparing it to have a 2nd floor. It will, therefore, be a 4 bedroom house. We had also discussed about the ceiling. Glad that I have a little knowledge about the available materials in the market. Her cousin also got to explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of one from the other.

Talking about the kitchen, my girl got interested. Probably because she thought she would be spending most of her time in that part of the house. Again, we tackled the materials from the kitchen sinks, tiles, and faucet among others. She particularly said that she wanted a kitchen with an island.

I must say the discussion is worthwhile. Now I really got to tighten up my belt and be resourceful to find out what would be the best design of our dream house.
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  1. Carms Says:

    wow nice dream house I wish I have one too I got one yet my nanay thought that it looks like a haunted house anyway it's just looks creepy because I took the picture of that house at 4 am while I was with my pupils taking a long walk from school to the nearby convent hehhehe