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My girl had encouraged me to regularly update this blog. She told me that it will help me increase my page rank. And a higher page rank (PR) would mean many opportunities to earn money online. She as well told me that owning a domain will help acquiring higher PR. As of now, I am still on the learning process into this whole blogging thing, but I really get interested in personalizing my domain. Say, Sounds great huh? Therefore, I have to know everything about website hosting.

I normally browse over the net to equip myself with enough knowledge about anything that interests me. And web hosting is not an exemption for me. Just like how I bought my Nikon D60 SLR camera, I sort of made a canvass of the prices, quality, and client testimonials about a store and a product before I finally decide to buy one. Fortunately, I found everything I wanted at They simply do the canvassing for me. Their homepage showcases the top 10 web hosting providers for the current year. On their right side bar is the list of the hosting awards for the year 2008. Hence, it’s a tedious activity done for me.

Some terminologies stated there are “never-heard” words for me. With that, I had also read from their articles section that provides easy navigation with its Search function.
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