Crystal Cove Island

In my Island Hopping at Boracay, I would want to highlight my stay at Crystal Cove Island. As what the island's official(?) site states:

This two hectare Island just sits at the threshold of the Boracay coast, the Philippines world famous destination catering to an assembly of international tropical thrill seekers. With such convenient location, you can visit the exquisite paradise island everyday and go join the world class fun and parties the resort is popular for. But at the same time, after every end of the day, you can leave all the lights and glamour and sail away home to little crystal cove island to your own much favored solitude. This island is found upon solid rock, a gallery of haunting niches and sea caves bordered by crystal-green waters.

Living with this blog's purpose (to share the pictures of my adventures), here are some of my Crystal Cove Island photos.

At Crystal Cove with Caticlan Background

This is the Crystal Cove's Entrance that welcomes tourists

Crystal Cove Island is a 20 minutes boat ride from the North Eastern side of the Boracay coast. The sight of this pristine sea immediately calls to your innate thirst for things tropical, and as soon as you get there, the right thing to do is plunge right away and bask with abandon! Everything! In this island seems to work to satisfy your need for privacy.

The Crystal Cove Arch

A Hand-Shaped Chair

Drift Woods

Rocks at Crystal Cove

Rocks and Buildings

I still got a lot of pictures of my trip, but I simply picked those worth sharing with you :)
3 Responses
  1. burn Says:

    Nice place. Sana maka punta ako dyan.

  2. Carms Says:

    nice talaga ang boracay. Anyway alam mo pati ako umiyak rin by just watching the TV coverage as in this is a secret tell madz na rin na I'm a cry baby madali lang ako mag cry.

  3. eden Says:

    great pictures.. how i wish i can visit there someday.