DJ Paradise Bowling Lanes at Malolos City

About 4 years ago, I had been at DJ Paradise Bowling Lanes with my girl. We played the duck pin bowling to serve as her practice in their bowling tournament in their office at the Provincial Government at Bulacan. This year, we, once more, went to the bowling lane to have another practice game. However, this time, we played the ten pin bowling. It is in prep for their upcoming bowling tournament at Star Malls.

I'm not a professional bowler, but I can play. I believe I can't match the expertise of her father, whom she bragged as a champion from Saudi Arabia. But, I do believe that I made her happy and confident enough to play on their tournament.

I got several photos in the place, and that's what I will be sharing with you. And I'm proud that I got a turkey (3 consecutive strikes). She did some strikes and spares too. But she's a little disappointed not reaching a hundred pin falls.

I got a turkey!

After sweating the game out

As for my review of the bowling lanes, it is fair that it is not air-conditioned. Their rate only costs PhP50 per game. The lane we had used do not malfunction on our 4-game bowling. And the automatic scoring do not fail as well.
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