The Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio

I admit this is a very very late post. Nonetheless, this is worth sharing. I guess not everyone knows where to find the ube specialty at Baguio City. Yes, the one similar with that of Tagaytay City.

The Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio is the last stop we had during our June visit there. Second to the last was the Mines View Park. According to my research,

The store is popularly known for the different products made by the Good Shepherd nuns and visitors coming up to the city who are familiar with items sold in the store always make it a point buy something to take back home. Among the most sought items are fruit preserves, strawberry and ube jams, cashew and peanut brittle, and coco jam. Most of their products are also sold by different stalls in the Baguio Public Market and at various other outlets within the city. The money generated from the sale of their products is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

I take a picture of the convent's welcome signage.

Inside the store where we buy our ube jam as our pasalubong.

There is, similar to Tagaytay City, an overlooking here too. Thus, we take the chance to have a picture, with our same shirts "Fishers of Men" on.
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  1. Solo Says:

    Nice view! ;D And great shots too. ;D Hope to see more of this. Have a good day. ;D

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  2. eden Says:

    hmmm, ube jam.. sarap naman nyan!

    nice picture with your angel.

    gandan ng place. wish we could visit there someday

  3. Carms Says:

    maganda din sa tagaytay thanks pau sa mga comments regards to madz