Night at SM Mall of Asia

As promised, I had here a separate post of the Mall of Asia (MOA), specifically that of the attraction beside the Manila Bay. Claimed as the largest mall in Asia, MOA provide a variety of leisure activities that will let you enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the magnificent man-made structures.

The mall's architectural design is of elongated circles. They took advantage of the wind contributed by the Manila Bay by creating a non-air conditioned building. It provides you the urge to visit the body of water as provided by their walk-way.

On the bridge, you'll be able to see a city-like view, with all the tall buildings and the vehicles. But once you get down, you'll be able to enjoy the "park-like" area provided for. They've got there an area that seem to serve as a sort of gym. Though it is only really meant for playing. They also got a number of restaurants and coffee shops that will attend to your cravings when you got tired of walking beside the bay. Lucky for us, we had spotted a Michael Jackson look alike in front of a bar. It is the statue-like person that got to move once you lay money on their cans. At the heart of the park is a fountain that somewhat provided cool air. I must say the view is spectacular.

Indeed, it is kinda far from my hometown. But it is worth the travel. Specially if there's pyrolympics :D
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  1. eden Says:

    hi, looking great as always, my friend.

    I Haven't been there yet but i wish to visit there on our next holiday.