Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema

Three days after my birthday, I had been able to watch Ice Age 3 in digital 3D format at Trinoma together with the love of my life and her family.

The size of the cinema is of normal size as any other. It was only the film that had been transformed into digital 3D; hence, you need to have a special eyeglasses to appreciate 3D. With that technology, the normal PhP170 movie tickets are now PhP300. I cannot 100% attest that it is fair. I do enjoy the movie, but there is something missing in the feel of 3D experience (as compared to IMAX at the Mall of Asia). It is because of the size of the screen. Here at Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema, the screen is a bit small, making you see the other persons in the movie house. Unlike in IMAX, the screen is large enough that it feels like you are really PART of the movie, itself.

Here are some of the pictures I had inside the cinema. Actually, the model here is the love of my life.

If you haven't experienced watching movies in digital 3D format, I suggest you first watch at Trinoma or SM Digital 3D Cinemas for you to appreciate the experience. Otherwise, I'd better watch in IMAX at MOA or SM North EDSA for the best 3D experience. Anyway, it is only a hundred more in terms of ticket price.
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  1. Carms Says:

    I never got to watch movies I think the last time was I'm with my kids watching Baler for their HEKASI subject. Ganda cguro pag 3D wala pang ganyan sa amin dito. Regards to madz