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I have been fond of doing multimedia downloads ever since I got my iPod. Each new music or MTV’s that comes out, I would really search for it and download it to enjoy it with my iPod. However, it requires me a considerable amount of time in searching for the right multimedia since most of the returned results by Google sometimes show invalid or fraudulent sites. Or worse, a virus infected URL. But now, I have to worry no more. Rapid4me - Rapidshare Search Engine is now available that significantly combine searching and downloading into a one-stop portal. Now, whenever a new hit arrive, say the Nobody by the Wonder Girls, I have to simply use Rapid4me with ease.
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  1. Summer Says:

    Oh great! And that Nobody song of Wondergirls was so cute! =D

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    Brown Mestizo

  2. Carms Says:

    I remembered my latte gadget I feel depressed when I knew the LCD was broken it is still working but It did look the same anymore as it used to wish i could repair it huhuhu

  3. Carms Says:

    I wish i have like that too