Puerto Princesa Underground River - Adarna Restaurant

TravelBook.ph supports the Puerto Princesa Underground River bid for the New7Wonders of Nature

TravelBook.ph joins advocate Noel Cabangon in calling for votes to name the Puerto Princesa Underground River one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

The underground river was chosen to represent the Philippines in the New7Wonders of Nature competition after two rounds of voting, on July 28 this year. Now the underground river must garner enough votes to land one of the top 7 slots against 28 other competing natural wonders around the world, including Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, Italy's Mount Vesuvius, and the United States' Grand Canyon.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is an 8.2km long subterranean river reputed to be the longest in the world. Located in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, the Underground River is an important center for biodiversity conservation, with a full ecosystem spanning the sea to the mountains. The area is surrounded by majestic limestone or karst cliffs and its forests are home to monkeys, monitor lizards, and squirrels.

As reported on the Puerto Princesa Underground River's official website (http://www.puerto-undergroundriver.com/), president and founder of the New7Wonders Bernard Weber notes, "This is an extraordinary achievement and the eyes of the planet will be upon Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park and the Philippines in the next 2 years. We look forward to an exciting and record-breaking final race, with the whole world coming together to choose the Official new 7 wonders of nature, 7 locations that will be part of global memory forever."

With just under 19 days to vote, TravelBook.ph encourages all its readers and friends to send in their votes and show their support.

As part of these efforts, the team host a blogger dinner at Adarna Restaurant in Quezon City, where the guests are encouraged to send in their votes and spread the word through blogs and social networks. The event was graced by artist and advocate Mr. Noel Cabangon.

Voting is open until November 11, 2011 and may be done through the New7Wonders website at http://www.new7wonders.com/vote-2 or via telephone (http://www.new7wonders.com/vote-by-phone) or SMS just simply sending PPUR to 2861.

Haian City, China Travel 2011

My 2nd visit to China

As I’ve promise you guys, here are some photographs of my last visit to China, this time, at Haian City, about 3 hours land travel from Shanghai.

View of Haian City from my hotel room. It looks awesome with those well-lighted streets of Haian City.

My usual breakfast in Jin Long International Hotel

Start of my walk around the city during "rare" vacant time. Oh I love to have streets with this wide-spaced slot for pedestrians and bikers.

Did you notice the pedestrians and bikers in the background? Hope that in the near future, the Philippines will become friendly to pedestrians and bikers as well.

Locals with their electric bikes and patented riders mask-visor while roaming around the city.

With my Chinese counterpart

Bench for a tired man

Posing with Jin Long International Hotel as background

While crossing the streets, I got the opportunity to capture wide streets of Haian City, or shall I say, wide streets in China. During my 2 visits here, what captured my attention is their wide roads and separate bicycle lanes for bike lovers. I always dreamed of having that benefit here in the Philippines, to somehow, lessen our significant carbon emissions and help to increase healthy habits among Filipinos.

Guido Plaza – commercial complex just across Jin Long International Hotel

Parking area for e-bikes and bicycles beside Haian City Square. This, in one way or another, is how the government encourages the locals to use e-bikes or bicycles than those cars that emits carbon dioxide.

Wow!!! Super spicy food!

Locals use bicycle to roam around the city

Mother with her daughter travels around the city. I wish to have that kind of face mask, and bicycle as well, LOL!

The Grand lobby of Jin Long International Hotel. I got this photo right after we walk around the city. After that, I chose to still have some more walks around the city to see more place and activities around.

Local traders doing business inside Haian city square

The Haian City Government Building also serves as venue for residents to do some outdoor activities like dancing, biking, running and a lot more…

Night shot of my hotel after wandering around the city.

Healthy food. Dinner at hotel.

I really love this scene - Mother tries to perform her duty as a mother even while traveling or biking. I’m just hoping that the child seating in the bike wouldn’t absorb bumps and shakes.

Now, let’s go back to my homeland, The Philippines.

Shanghai, China - August 2011 Travel

For the second time, I've been blessed to visit China for another business trip. While last time I've been to Beijing, this time I got the chance at experiencing Shanghai.

Above is a photo of me at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Times like this, my iPod Touch is really of great use. I took advantage of the airport's free WiFi to let my girl know that I safely arrived China.

On the other hand, internet connection is not that too good for me. At the hotel where I stayed, Jinlong International Hotel, only Local Area Network (LAN) is available for internet connection. Add up to this are the restricted sites such as Facebook, Blogger, and Yahoo Mail. But I have lived with it for six days. Praise be to God!

As for the factory where I do business with, it is located at 210 Country Rd Nantong Jiangsu. Fortunately, WiFi is available within the area. But, I simply use it to communicate with my love ones back here in the Philippines.

A number of blessing poured over me in my Shanghai trip despite the fact that I was not able to tour around the city due to time constraint. One of which is the changing of Typhoon Mufia's course; and a plateful of breakfast to say the least.

My breakfast in Haian!

My last breakfast in Haian! Sarap!

I still got a lot of pictures to share, so stay tuned!

Ricefield at Laguna

My job does entail frequent traveling. Last week, I'm in Quezon Province. Right now, I am in Cebu City. Next week, I will be out of the country. Some would have wanted to have a job like mine; as for me, I just enjoy what God had provided for me and stay as amazed as ever to His creations.

This is a ricefield that I had passed by on my way. This is situated in Laguna. Seeing this green is really soothing and creates a peaceful mood.

Timoga Spring Pools - El Lauriento Resort

Last Thursday was my first time to experience swimming and feel the icy-cold water in the Timoga Spring Resort, Iligan City. It is located along National highway Timoga-Buru-un, in Iligan City, around some kilometers distant from the city proper. Its been a long time since I heard about the Timoga spring resorts, about its icy-cool and crystal-clear water that flows freely from one pool to another. It is said that the source of the cold water in Timoga springs comes from Lake Lanao in Marawi City which is 37 kms away from Iligan City.

And since I already experienced its cold waters for only Php50 per pax plus Php100 for table rental, I’m excited to share some photos taken from El Lauriento Resort, one of the five Timoga spring resorts.

By the way friends, there are other four spring resorts along the vicinity, which is easily accessible so, when in Iligan City, take time to visit the Timoga spring water resort and experience the excitement of swimming in icy-cold waters.

Iligan - CDO Travel September 2010

I know this is an uber late post. Pardon me. As of this writing, I am having my Iligan - CDO Travel July 2011. But before that, allow me to share some of the photos I had back September 2010.

Tinolang Isda, my favorite ulam in Mindanao and Visayas.


Durian is one of the famous fruits because of its distinctive odor, whom some find it offensive. But for me, its taste overpowers its odor. Do give it a try, you'll never regret you did.

me holding durian at Iligan City.

Durian Portrait

Diyandi festival 2010, along quezon avenue, Iligan City.

I am blessed to have witnessed Diyandi Festival that year. As IliganToday.com states, Diyandi Festival is the official title for the city's month long cultural celebration. It concludes with the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel on September 29. So, if you are planning to visit the province, might as well make it a September visit.