Puka Beach, Boracay

Just when I thought that I already shared all my adventures at Boracay Island, I found several photos worth sharing, so here we go.

Island hopping activity at Boracay will not only fascinate you with the island destination itself, but as well with the view of nature as you sail along the beach. Here's a view of the Crocodile Island from afar. See it's resemblance to a crocodile? For more info, here's what Scuba Dive Philippines have to say about Crocodile Island:

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island is only a stones throw away from Boracay Island itself and can be reached within fifteen minutes from White Beach. It a site which is available to divers of all levels of experience as the top of the wall, which is swarmed with marine life, is only at 5 meters. Usually, the dive is started by going along the wall to a maximum depth of 18 - 20 meters, then returning to the boat in the shallow water on top of the wall. A huge variety of life can be found at Crocodile Island including schools of reef fish, Nudibranch, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels, Cuttle Fish, Sea snakes, Gorgonian Fan Corals and much more.

Of course I won't let the chance to pass by to have taken a photo while I seem to be in the driver's seat in this sailboat.

Then we finally arrived at Puka Beach. Island Boracay Philippines describes Puka Beach as:

Puka Beach, Boracay

A quiet stretch of white sand along the northern tip of the island, Puka Beach is an image of what most people expect on a tropical island: white sand, azure water, and relatively empty. This is where locals gather the small puka shells for some of the jewelry that is sold on the island so expect the sand to be more coarse than on White Beach. The water tends to be a little rougher on this side of the island but it is much quieter. Similarly, there are fewer services -- at last count there was one restaurant but you likely won't have a problem getting a cold drink or an ice cream as there are a few vendors that patrol the beach. The main road in Boracay terminates at Puka Beach therefore you'll be able to hire a tricycle to get there in less than 10-15 minutes from central White Beach. Make sure you arrange a pickup if it is a quiet day and no tricycles are hanging around the beach. Most people experience Puka as one of their sailboat or banca stops during a day trip. This is a good spot for a picnic, but be sure to bring your trash home with you.

We only have a day to hop island after island; hence, we can't stay that long. We head on our way to another island. And as we sail along, I captured a photo of Romblon.


And before I forgot, here's the picture of the "buko" vendor together with his sailboat as I mentioned in one of my Boracay posts

Coconut Vendor at Boracay

Next Destination: New York City

Okay, that was just a dream… for now. I do believe that I will be able to visit New York City in one of my travels as a part of the Quality Assurance team in our company. Or maybe simply have a vacation there together with my family, and my love one.

After booking your flight toward the big apple, the next thing that you should do is to haunt for Cheap Hotels in New York City. Like I do, what I consider in picking a suitable place to stay is the comfort. I know I won’t be 100% staying in the hotel for I have to enjoy the beauty of the city. However, I should assure myself, that after a tiring day of discovering the city, I would always have the comfortable place where I could rest and have a sound sleep. Furthermore, facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, cable TV, and amenities that would enable me to enjoy my stay even at the four corners of the hotel room is a must. Not to forget the hotel’s location to accessible transportation to my desired destinations. I have here a snapshot of one of the hotel rooms that could satisfy my needs and wants when I travel.

A comfy bed for two

I guess this one's for a couple :)

For your New York City escapade, it is best to look for local info on their tourist spots. They will surely have the best information. Well, aside from the famous Statue of Liberty that you should not miss visiting, Catholic tourists should also stop by the churches in New York City.

Statue of Liberty

One of the Cathedrals in New York City

My Birthday at TGI Friday's Trinoma

It's my Birthday! I'm a year older, and a year blessed!

I, actually we (together with my officemates), fetch the love of my life from her office and we head on our way to SM North EDSA to deal with a couple of things. After which, we go on our own ways. My love of my life will treat me for my birthday. At first, we thought of having our dinner at Fish & Co. Thus, we pass by the sky bridge toward Trinoma. Before everything else, we had a reservation at RedBox for my love of my life's family activity on Sunday. We also had a walk first around the 4th floor before we finally make up our minds and have our dinner at TGI Friday's. The first time we ate there was way back forgotten. We dined in there in order to watch the Wild Card game of Ginebra, who lost that game by the way.

We had known TGI Friday's to sing for a birthday celebrant whenever they dine there. My love of my life told me that she'll tell the crew that it was my birthday. But I got hesitant; thus, forfeiting my complimentary ice cream. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the night simply because she's beside me.

I got here a picture of me and a laptop bag from Marithe Francoi Girbaud given to me by my officemates.

They kept on asking me what was my girlfriend's gift to me. And I can't answer their question, simply because, aside from this dinner treat:

... she also wanted me to choose from (1) a remote control, (2) a lens cover, or (3) a bag for my Nikon D60 SLR Camera. And up to now, I am still undecided. I will finally decide tomorrow (we still have a date at Mall of Asia to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at IMAX Theater).

It's my birthday, and I am happy celebrating it with her:

St. Johns Hotel at Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sand Castles at Boracay

This is the last set of photos of my Boracay escapade that I will be sharing with you.

Another tourist attraction in the island of Boracay is their sand castles. I happen to spot a number of sand castles strategically positioned in front of the hotels in the island. The sand castles are made daily by these talented persons. I guess they were paid by the hotels as these castles are one of their form of advertisements. The sand castles have the name of the hotel together with the day it was built. There is no required payment when you take a picture of the castles, but you can voluntarily donate any amount. As for me, I had given PhP 20 and PhP 50 to the more accommodating one.

Boracay Beach Chalets May 8, 2009

Boracay Island Villa De Oro May 8, 2009

Elegant Wood Parts Corbels

I had seen a number of elegant wood parts corbels from the places I had visited in the Philippines and out of the country. And I must say that I do admire the hotels I have been. I have a high regard for their furniture, the architectural design, the interior design, and the wood works. They have really adorable wood works with detailed designs.

In Florida, Constantine’s Wood Center offers these kinds of wood parts*. Not only that, they don’t merely offer supplies, they also offer tools for your woodworking needs. And all of these can be purchased online. As for assistance, they are more than willing to help you understand and pick the perfect wood parts you are looking for.

Their product gallery is classified according to categories whose links are found on the sidebar. If you are looking for a wood veneer, its link is readily clickable on the left sidebar. The picture, description (including the measurement), and price is included. You have the option to buy these products online, or you can reach their order toll free at 1-800-443-9667.

The Boracay Beach

What is famous about Boracay is the beach together with its fine sand along the shore. And those where what the following pictures will show you. I captured these photos during my beach walking last May 8, 2009. Despite being cloudy on that day, you can still feel the sun rays kissing your skin, tempting you to enjoy walking beside the beach.

Cloudy Boracay

Boracay Beach Front

I had spotted several wind surfers on the beach, enjoying their vacation at the island. Thus, I took some shots to share it with you just to give you an idea another activity you'll surely love when you visit the island. Unfortunately, I have no idea on the rates and where you can get your things for windsurfing. Nonetheless, I assure you that the folks there would provide you information you'll need, just in case.

Wind Surfer

Vinta and Wind Surfer

This is the view of the Residencia Boracay. I admire how they were able to maintain those numerous coconut trees. It really gives shade to everyone under them.

Residencia Boracay

Boracay beach had been divided into three (3) stations I believe. Here I have pictures of Station 1 with it's end, the Ratsky.

Boracay Station 1 Beach Front

End of Station 1 Ratsky

Laundry Bag for My Birthday

That is exactly what I needed as I travel around the world (well, that’s a dream), a laundry bag. Aside from my bulky travelling bag, I needed this one so as to organize my stuffs. And since my birthday will be a week from now, I’ll gladly list here some of the things that I would love to receive for my natal day.

First in my list, as what I have stated, is the laundry bag. If it’s not asking too much, I would appreciate it better if it is monogrammed with my initial (PAM). And please don’t forget to ensure that it comes with a shoulder strap to make it handy if I’ll decide to bring just that alone.

Next in my list is a kindergarten nap mats that rolls up. It should have a Velcro closure and carrying strap as well. This is just in case I would be having my trip on mountainous area and need to have a soft fleece blanket.

Lastly, I’m not selfish; I would also want a towel wrap for the love of my life. She loves green, so might give me a green one. She likes personalized stuff, so please do put embroidery of her name (Madelin) on it.

There, those where quite affordable and unique gift ideas for my birthday. :P

Island Hopping at Boracay

One of the most common activities whenever you visit Boracay, is island hopping. Of course, I grab the opportunity to be at peace with nature as I hop on the islands at Boracay.

Me and my company rode the MB Gelila as we tour the island. I should say that this is one of the most enjoyable activities you could have when you were on the place. It is simply nice to discover the beauty of the Philippines hidden in these separated islands that we all should be proud of. I really hope that these pieces of land be taken good care of so that the next generation, our would-be children and grand children, can still enjoy the beauty that hides in the center of Boracay beaches.

For island hopping tour rates, I capture a photo of their laminated flyer.

For 3 hours of hopping, a small boat (with a capacity of 1-8 persons) costs PhP 2,500.00; a medium boat (with a capacity of 6-12 persons) costs PhP 4,000.00; and a big boat (with a capacity of 17-25 persons) costs PhP 6,000.00. There is an additional of PhP 500.00 per hour in excess of the 3 hours. You may contact Joe and Myrna at 09215195691 for your tour.

During your hop, you will be able to encounter the man who sells "fresh buko", in the middle of the water, in his boat. I find it fascinating, and I can't help but admire him on how he manages to open the "buko" while riding his small boat.

... got 2 more sets of pictures, and my Boracay experience posts is finished ...

Customized Truck Rim

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Casa Pilar Beach Resort at Boracay

As what I have mentioned from my previous post, I stayed at Casa Pilar Beach Resort in my first Boracay escapade.

Here is the picture at the Beach Front

An umbrella that would serve as your shade under the sun

And the cloudy Boracay that I enjoyed during my stay there

I had enjoyed my stay at the resort, at par with five star hotels within the area. With that, I provide them a free advertisement here in my blog and share with you their rates and amenities.

Room TypeLean SeasonPeak SeasonSuper Peak Season
Fan Room1,200.001,800.002,000.00

  • 8 Deluxe Aircon (cable tv, ref, hot shower)
  • 40 Superior Aircon (cable tv, hot shower)
  • 6 Standard Aircon (cable tv)
  • 16 Fan rooms

  • Rates are quoted in Philippine Peso (PhP)
  • Single or Double Occupancy with breakfast
  • Maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (below 8 years old)
  • Extra person charge is 450.00 with breakfast
  • Lean Season: June 16 - November 15
  • Peak Season: November 16 - June 15
  • Super Peak Season: Christmas, New Year, and Holy Week
  • Rates inclusive of Government Tax
  • Check in time is 1:00PM; Check out time is 12:00NN

  • Restaurant (6am – 10pm)
  • Bar (6am-10pm)
  • Front Office (6am – 10pm)
  • Pavilion (300person)
  • Function Room (100 person)
  • Safety Deposit
  • Island Tour
  • Massage Service
  • Airport Transfers/ Airline Ticket Reconfirmation
  • Laundry Service
  • Wifi Access

You may contact them at:

Casa Pilar Beach Resort is located in Station 3, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Philippines
Tel No. (63 36) 2883073 telefax (63 36) 2883202
Email address: casa_pilar@yahoo.com

Unique Wedding Favors

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I’ll surely go back to this site when ‘the time’ comes.


Grotto at Boracay Island

I'm not yet done with my Boracay pictures. I still have a lot of photos to share, a few of them are these, the Grotto, a famous tourist spot at the island. In fact, it has been cited as one of the 10 Hidden Gems on Boracay Island.

Ezine Articles states that:

8. Boracay Beach Grotto - Your Boracay experience won't be complete without fantastic photographs to immortalize the island paradise. The Grotto is a famous landmark. However, not everyone takes the time to climb the stairs. For those who have, they have found themselves greeted with a breathtaking view of both the sea and of Boracay Island. Amateur and professional photographers alike find the view from the top very rewarding.

On the Rocks

At the Grotto

As for me, I believe this had been a vivid showcase on how Catholicism had influenced the Philippines.

West Cove Resort of Manny Pacquiao

In my Boracay escapade, I happen to pass by this mansion, and I can't help but admire it. Interestingly, I found out that this is one of Manny Pacquiao's property, the West Cove Resort. He is very lucky to have this property here.

I had read from one of the writings that it is a public secret that Pacquiao owned it. Well, I guess now it's no longer a secret, hee hee.