Boracay Island Souvenirs

When I travel, I would always buy some stuff for souvenirs and "pasalubong". Of course, my travel at Boracay is counted.

This is a picture of me posing while choosing shirts as island souvenirs...

... or do I look like the vendor? ha ha ha

Spotted the name of this store?

It's my store, "Paulo's Collection", he he... Well, that was a hopeful thinking :P

Here, I have a bracelet and magnetic souvenirs for the refrigerators.

The love of my life would always stick to their refrigerators stuffs from my travel.

Another bracelet, and a lot of cellphone accessories.

I had only left one for myself.

And of course, the shirts with Boracay name on it.

I had these shirts as my pasalubong for the children.
4 Responses
  1. Solo Says:

    Oh great! Look at those cellphone chains, so cute! How did i forget to buy those when i'm there.. Aggfff...I need to go back there, so i can buy too.=D

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that girl in your store cost you 8000p of sales when she kept ignoring me to play on her cell phone. I had the items in hand and her words "we dont have". excuse me? dont have? I have it right here! she ignored me and went back to the phone.

  3. Solo Says:

    Ooohhhh loving the bracelet, and all the souvenirs from Boracay are just fantastic.;D Love it.;D

  4. Basyon Says:

    Cool! I want that bracelet. Come on, give it to me.;D lol Have a great time there in Boracay.;D