Grotto at Boracay Island

I'm not yet done with my Boracay pictures. I still have a lot of photos to share, a few of them are these, the Grotto, a famous tourist spot at the island. In fact, it has been cited as one of the 10 Hidden Gems on Boracay Island.

Ezine Articles states that:

8. Boracay Beach Grotto - Your Boracay experience won't be complete without fantastic photographs to immortalize the island paradise. The Grotto is a famous landmark. However, not everyone takes the time to climb the stairs. For those who have, they have found themselves greeted with a breathtaking view of both the sea and of Boracay Island. Amateur and professional photographers alike find the view from the top very rewarding.

On the Rocks

At the Grotto

As for me, I believe this had been a vivid showcase on how Catholicism had influenced the Philippines.
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