Iloilo - Capiz - Boracay

Before I forgot to share, I had traveled from Iloilo City to Capiz Province in order to arrive at Boracay Island.

My Lapaz Batchoy. I fill first my hungry stomach before continuing my travel. I love it when served hot.

I passed by this Iloilo Business Hotel and decided to take a shot to share here. To know more information about the hotel, you can visit their website here:

Time to indulge once again in food. We stop by at Freska where we had our Bento Bento meal.

*burp* One thing I love about travelling is that I can savor specialty foods of the town. I'm not that choosy when it comes to food, not like the love of my life (-.-). So, I can't say anything not nice about this one.

We pass by the Capiz Province as we continue our travel. This is the Capiz arc that welcomes and bids goodbye to travelers.
4 Responses
  1. Summer Says:

    Ang sarap nman ng mga foods. Masarap tlga pag naglalakbay ka sa mga veautiful places ay yung natitikman moh ang mga specialty ng mga places sa sarili nting bayan.=D

  2. eden Says:

    hi paulo, i like the food. i miss eating those..(sigh). ganda ng place. another great pictures you have here. nice camera you have too. i only used ordinary digicam.:)

    about what you asked in my post, those are seagulls floating on the water waiting for a feed.

    thanks for the visit and comment. i really appreciate it.

  3. Solo Says:

    Love the places here.;D And the foods, yummy. Have a great weekend.;D

  4. Carms Says:

    the food looks good maybe it taste good too.