Island Hopping at Boracay

One of the most common activities whenever you visit Boracay, is island hopping. Of course, I grab the opportunity to be at peace with nature as I hop on the islands at Boracay.

Me and my company rode the MB Gelila as we tour the island. I should say that this is one of the most enjoyable activities you could have when you were on the place. It is simply nice to discover the beauty of the Philippines hidden in these separated islands that we all should be proud of. I really hope that these pieces of land be taken good care of so that the next generation, our would-be children and grand children, can still enjoy the beauty that hides in the center of Boracay beaches.

For island hopping tour rates, I capture a photo of their laminated flyer.

For 3 hours of hopping, a small boat (with a capacity of 1-8 persons) costs PhP 2,500.00; a medium boat (with a capacity of 6-12 persons) costs PhP 4,000.00; and a big boat (with a capacity of 17-25 persons) costs PhP 6,000.00. There is an additional of PhP 500.00 per hour in excess of the 3 hours. You may contact Joe and Myrna at 09215195691 for your tour.

During your hop, you will be able to encounter the man who sells "fresh buko", in the middle of the water, in his boat. I find it fascinating, and I can't help but admire him on how he manages to open the "buko" while riding his small boat.

... got 2 more sets of pictures, and my Boracay experience posts is finished ...
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  1. Summer Says:

    Oh great! Such a wonderful time to spend hopping in the middle of the island.=D Where i think you can find peace and more relax, even just for 3 hours. =D

  2. Solo Says:

    Looks like you are having fun there.;D Glad to know that you are having fun staying at Boracay. Such a nice place, perfect for a vacation. ;D

  3. Summer Says:

    i just added u up. :D thanks for visiting my blog. hope you could link me up, too :D

  4. Carms Says:

    Maganda talaga sa Boracay kaso cguro by year 2059 pa ako maka punta dyan sayang hehehe

  5. Carms Says:

    Sana Ok pa ang Boracay sa year 2059 para ma-appreciate ko pa yung beauty nya hehehehe

  6. Carms Says:

    Now, I understand that life has to go on even some loved ones has to go home first in heaven and that we have to go through death to have eternal life.