The Boracay Beach

What is famous about Boracay is the beach together with its fine sand along the shore. And those where what the following pictures will show you. I captured these photos during my beach walking last May 8, 2009. Despite being cloudy on that day, you can still feel the sun rays kissing your skin, tempting you to enjoy walking beside the beach.

Cloudy Boracay

Boracay Beach Front

I had spotted several wind surfers on the beach, enjoying their vacation at the island. Thus, I took some shots to share it with you just to give you an idea another activity you'll surely love when you visit the island. Unfortunately, I have no idea on the rates and where you can get your things for windsurfing. Nonetheless, I assure you that the folks there would provide you information you'll need, just in case.

Wind Surfer

Vinta and Wind Surfer

This is the view of the Residencia Boracay. I admire how they were able to maintain those numerous coconut trees. It really gives shade to everyone under them.

Residencia Boracay

Boracay beach had been divided into three (3) stations I believe. Here I have pictures of Station 1 with it's end, the Ratsky.

Boracay Station 1 Beach Front

End of Station 1 Ratsky
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  1. Carms Says:

    nice talaga in Boracay, if my sisters going to have their vacation in the country soon I will let them treat me in boracay hehehe