Private Number Plates

You all know that I travel a lot. I have been lucky to have this kind of job. On the contrary, I don’t have my own car yet. But, I am really hoping to buy one in the near future. I would love to go to the places that I had travelled together with the love of my life. And when I got my own car, I want to have a vanity plate number, a personalized one.

I came across Northumbria Numbers and tried searching for a private number plate. I tried my initial PAM and my birth month 777. I got a number of results. From the list, I could easily and securely buy registration online.

Trying to search PAM777

I know it’s a little hard to trust online transactions, but I believe Northumbria Numbers is a legitimate site. From their about page, they have been in the business since 1995. Their business is situated in the Border Country of Northumberland, otherwise known as “The Secret Kingdom” and can be reached between 9AM and 9PM through a recorded call at numbers 01670 786151 or 07730 911570.

As I continue browsing their site, I find their FAQ page very helpful and informative. I had learned a lot from them. So, I suggest that if you’re planning to have personalized car registrations, visit their FAQ section. Moreover, what I love about websites is that, even though they are marketing something, they see to it that they keep their readers informed. Aside from the FAQ section, they also provide current number plates news; the latest of which are “The third sealed bid sale of personalized number plates” and “The third auction of DVLA number plates”.
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