Boracay Island - Day 2

It's my second that at Boracay. It's time to take a walk along the shore and enjoy the beach.

Boracay is also known as a place where people from the showbiz industry take a time to relax and enjoy themselves as individuals rather than celebrities. Luckily, I had spotted a few of the Kapuso Artists. I'm a little shy though to have a picture with most of them. I only had a couple. Probably if they were Purefoods TJ Giants cagers, then I won't hesitate to take the chance and have some souvenier photos.

Me with Kiko, one of the contestants of the reality game show, Survivor Philippines

I don't walk all the time as I explore Boracay. I also happen to ride one of their basic tricycles. It's different from what we have back in Bulacan.

Riding Boracay's Basic Tricycle

During my stay at the island, Nestea held a beach volleyball league.

Oh, see my Merrel shoes? Full of sand! Good it is water proof *brag*

Back to the celebrities, I had spotted here Rhian Ramos and Alfred Vargas (?).

And another photo opportunity with another Survivor Philippines contestant, Rob.

... more pictures to come!
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  1. Ruang Kita Says:

    wow Nice trip here ... :) i can see u enjoy it very much.. :D

  2. Summer Says:

    Looks like you enjoy it so much. And great photos with celebrities you have. Can't wait to see more photo here. Have a great day.=D

  3. Solo Says:

    Wow! Astig! Buti kapa, parang sarap bumalik para kuha ng mga celebrity pics..hehehe

  4. Zhys Says:

    blogwalking.. don't forget to visit my blog please....

  5. Carms Says:

    nice it's like summer