Sand Castles at Boracay

This is the last set of photos of my Boracay escapade that I will be sharing with you.

Another tourist attraction in the island of Boracay is their sand castles. I happen to spot a number of sand castles strategically positioned in front of the hotels in the island. The sand castles are made daily by these talented persons. I guess they were paid by the hotels as these castles are one of their form of advertisements. The sand castles have the name of the hotel together with the day it was built. There is no required payment when you take a picture of the castles, but you can voluntarily donate any amount. As for me, I had given PhP 20 and PhP 50 to the more accommodating one.

Boracay Beach Chalets May 8, 2009

Boracay Island Villa De Oro May 8, 2009
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  1. Solo Says:

    Those castle are one of the best site to have photos there in Boracay. ;D Have a great day ahead. ;D

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  2. Carms Says:

    awesome sand castles. I think people created those sand castles are really expert in forming such designs.

  3. Carms Says:

    patience and hand control is needed to make this sand castles. Thanks by the way paulo for reading my blogs and for the comments. God speed

  4. Carms Says:

    mother nature is still playing here as in biglang ulan then wla na namang ulan. vague weather

  5. Carms Says:

    I'm kinda sleepy head today my niece got sick. I need to get up early for work.

  6. It seems that you'd really enjoyed your staying in Boracay. Nice castle. Hope i can build mine too.

  7. Great photos . Hope its okim linking to you guys from my blog , for Top 40 activities in Boracay .

    NR 16 - Check out the sand castles in Boracay