Bocaue Fiesta July 2009

Its 1st sunday of July, historically, this is the time for the town fiesta of Bocaue, Bulacan. This year, I have an apportunity to witness the street dancing activity in celebration the town fiesta. I have here some photographs to share with you my friends.
Jai Ho kids dancers from Taal High School. I admire this kids for their guts to show their talents in dancing, even dancing in the street infront of many people and motorist.

These kids shows the moves and displays the native Pinoy costume.

a very creative dance presentation. Inline with the Town fiesta celebration, they displays moves of the native boatman and then turned it to dance.

Some kids holding a miniature of "Krus" in celebration of town fiesta also known as "Fiesta ng Krus sa Wawa"

Native and creative number from elementary students of one local elementary school in Bocaue.

For the sake of discussion, "Krus sa Wawa" "Bocaue Town Fiesta" was celebrated every 1st Sunday of the Month of July. As I remember during the past years town fiesta. street dancing activity was scheduled every Sunday after the participants get off the "Pagoda".

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