Boracay from Caticlan Side

To continue with my post about my first ever Boracay escapade, I have here three (3) photos to share with you. These shots are taken from the Caticlan side. Isn't it wonderful to look at the beautiful island of Boracay from afar?

Boracay Island. I am amused by the hue formed by the beach and the sky. The feeling is perfect, specially when you have your love of your life beside you. Unlucky for me, I only got my Nikon D60 by my side.

Crystal Cove from Caticlan. Pardon me for the photos. I'm not yet an expert on it. I'm still on the process of learning. The Crystal Cove island, as stated from their site, is a two hectare island that just sits at the Boracay coast. This island is found upon solid rock, a gallery of haunting niches and sea caves bordered by crystal-green waters.

Crocodile Island. I searched for an information of this island from the web, and here's what I found from Scuba Dive Philippines:

Crocodile Island is only a stones throw away from Boracay Island itself and can be reached within fifteen minutes from White Beach. It a site which is available to divers of all levels of experience as the top of the wall, which is swarmed with marine life, is only at 5 meters. Usually, the dive is started by going along the wall to a maximum depth of 18 - 20 meters, then returning to the boat in the shallow water on top of the wall. A huge variety of life can be found at Crocodile Island including schools of reef fish, Nudibranch, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels, Cuttle Fish, Sea snakes, Gorgonian Fan Corals and much more.

But no, I haven't done scuba diving there. Probably, not yet. Soon, if I already got the guts to do so.

More pictures coming up!
4 Responses
  1. Carms Says:

    I never been to boracay maybe someday.

  2. fiShBoN3 Says:

    Me too. Someday... You guys might want to visit Davao and Samal  Many beaches here also ;)

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  3. eden Says:

    ang ganda ng mga pictures mo. i haven't been there. i love to visit there someday.

    take care

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Boracay is great; I love the island. We stayed at Station 3 in Ocean Breeze Inn with very affordable rates. We booked again for xmas holiday ;´:)