Laundry Bag for My Birthday

That is exactly what I needed as I travel around the world (well, that’s a dream), a laundry bag. Aside from my bulky travelling bag, I needed this one so as to organize my stuffs. And since my birthday will be a week from now, I’ll gladly list here some of the things that I would love to receive for my natal day.

First in my list, as what I have stated, is the laundry bag. If it’s not asking too much, I would appreciate it better if it is monogrammed with my initial (PAM). And please don’t forget to ensure that it comes with a shoulder strap to make it handy if I’ll decide to bring just that alone.

Next in my list is a kindergarten nap mats that rolls up. It should have a Velcro closure and carrying strap as well. This is just in case I would be having my trip on mountainous area and need to have a soft fleece blanket.

Lastly, I’m not selfish; I would also want a towel wrap for the love of my life. She loves green, so might give me a green one. She likes personalized stuff, so please do put embroidery of her name (Madelin) on it.

There, those where quite affordable and unique gift ideas for my birthday. :P
4 Responses
  1. Carms Says:

    nice stuff you got there pau about 2059 vacation to Boracay kasi for me impossible na makapunta ng boracay.

  2. Carms Says:

    My favorite song is The greatest love of all pero I also love the songs sang by the Linkin park Halos memorize ko lahat songs ng linkin park hehehehe

  3. marvin Says:

    oi, pau, birthday mo pala! hapi berdi! mukhang natupad na yung isa mong wish kase nabasa ko na yung post ni madz. hehehe. enjoy! :-)