Get Your Personalized Number Plates

I have been seeing and hearing a number of sites regarding personalized number plates. Basically, these are sites that offers vanity plates online. I tried a few. There is one in which, instead of making you search for your desired number, presents the full list of cherished type personalized number plates. The complete list has hyperlinks that will lead you to the pricing and inquiry page. Hence, for me, this one's more convenient way to get your personalized number plates rather than keying your desired number and returning you 'No Record(s) Found'.

Typhoon Ondoy at Bocaue, Bulacan

Our town, Bocaue, Bulacan, was not spared by the cruelty of Typhoon Ondoy. Similar to everyone's thinking, I so thought that it was just another ordinary typhoon. I was even about to go to Plaridel that day. I was also about to attend a seminar about Money Matters at SM Marilao. However, with non-stop rain, everything was cancelled.

It was mid-afternoon when the water at the road raised to waist-level. We have to save some of our things. We tirelessly carry them to the 2nd floor of our house. I was fortunate to have saved my gadgets, and some of my clothings. The water is raising too fast that I already failed to bring up my other clothes from my cabinet. At the same time, I am already exhausted. The water is at breast-level that time.

Full of dismay ~ that's how I can describe my feelings. Seeing our house submerged in flood. We stayed at the 2nd floor of our house for N hours. Helplessly looking at the river-like 1st floor ~ with my bed already floating in flood. For security reasons, our electiricty has been cut. So, play it with your imagination ~ dark, almost no ventilation, no electricity, flood, no food, only a cup of coffee. Everyone in our family were already tired. My parents and siblings were already sleeping. As for me, I had slept yet conscious enough to monitor the water level.

The following day, when the flood had already subsided, it was devastating ~ the aftermath. No room for rest, we immediately began cleaning our home. I kept on communicating with my girl asking if the following day (Monday) is already declared as holiday. But, no hopes for me that time. Hence, I am forced to report to office that Monday. Luckily, our company provided 3 days emergency leave to those who have been affected by Typhoon Ondoy. And so, I took the privelege so as to continue the clean-up.

I am really saddened with what had happened to our town that weekend. But nonetheless, I am already thankful that at least, we still have lives to start anew. Thanks be to God!

Hoop For Life at Caruncho Gym, Pasig City

I have been to Pasig Sports Complex, Caruncho Gym (beside Pasig City Hall) last Friday to watch the Basketball for Charity event called Hoop for Life by the Real Life Foundation. It was attended by a number of PBA Players (mostly FilAms).

The said charity is headed by Rob Johnson, a former BGK cager, who is celebrating his birthday. It was his way of paying forward the blessings that he had received. Boxing Champ "Nonito Donaire" attended the event as well, and even played basketball. But he had to leave after the 1st half. Nonetheless, he earned a couple of baskets or so.

At halftime, City Councilor Atoy Co, a PBA legend, had been welcomed and was one of the judges, alongside with Donita Rose in the slum dunk competition between Kelly Williams (2008 Slum Dunk Champ) and Gabe Norwood (2009 Slum Dunk Champ). The competition could have been much wonderful if KG Canaleta (2007 Slum Dunk Champ) was there too. Anyway, Williams dominated the competition and even garnered a perfect 10 in one of his stunts. There had been a game for fans played as well, plus a raffle. I was not lucky enough to win any, but my girl did.

At the end of the game, the White Team (Kelly Williams, Nick Belasco, Chris Pacana, Jimmy Alapag, and others) won the game. Johnson was very grateful for the event had been a successful one. And I am equally grateful to have a chance to take pictures with these PBA cagers.

Gabe Norwood

Kelly Williams

Sol Mercado

Jimmy Alapag

My girl's bestfriend and Jared Dilinger

I also got pictures with Alex Crisano and Mike Holper. Will post it later.

24th International Coastal Clean-Up Day

Last Saturday, September 19, 2009, I participated in the 24th International Coastal Clean-Up Day. It is an annual global event aimed at mobilizing communities, civil society, academe, government and private organizations to execute a massive one day clean-up of the water bodies in various locations throughout the world. Through this, awareness about the adverse effects of improper waste disposal will be raised, spurring everyone to further action.

In the Philippines, this activity is spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the local branch of the Ocean Conservancy. Last year, the Philippines is among the top ten participating countries (104 countries), coming in second to the United States in terms of number of participants.

Thanks to our environmental department who organized our company's participation in the said event. Even if I had to wake up as early as 3AM, the hard work is worth it in saving nature. Aside from Lito Atienza, we also spotted Ms. Earth beauties at the event proper at Manila Bay, San Dionisio, Parañaque.

Will be posting on my succeeding posts the pictures that I had taken in the said event. For the mean time, here's a photo of the clean-up that had transpired in Mindanao last year.

Holiday Plaza Hotel, Cebu City

After having our lunch at Joven's Grill & Seafoods, our team headed on our way to the Mandaue Substation to work on a holiday. About more than 2 hours of work, we then proceed to our hotel to check in our baggages and have a little rest. We checked in at Holiday Plaza Hotel. I thought I could blog about my experience right away, but the hotel charges PhP100.00/hour of WiFi usage. So, I did not avail of the WiFi.

The hotel guard suggested to take a shot in the building's rooftop. With enthusiasm, I took some photos, and here's the beauty I got.

For the Tariff Rates (in PhP):

Superior Room : Single (1,800); Double (2,000)
Business Class : Single (3,500); Double (3,700)
Executive Suite : Single (4,500); Double (4,700)
Holiday Suite : Single (6,000); Double (6,500)

Extra Bed (1,000)

Contact No: (+63)32-254-9880
Fax No: (+63)32-254-7646

Joven's Grill and Seafoods, Cebu City

After passing by the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge, we felt some rumblings in our stomach. Since it is already past 12 noon, we find a place to have our lunch. And what more could be satisfying than an eat all you can restaurant.

Joven's Grill & Seafoods

We had our lunch at Joven's Grill and Seafoods located at A.S. Fortuna ST., Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu. Their contact number is (032)-345-1641 and (032)-344-5376.

It is a buffet eat all you can meal, similar to that of Kamay Kainan. But I just have two (2) servings.

Vegetables. I always prefer vegetables over any other viand.

Crabs. I normally have a serving of this when available.

Joven's Grill and Seafoods is open daily from 10 in the morning until 8 at night. After an hour of food satisfaction, we left the restaurant and proceeded to work (even it is a holiday).

Marcelo Fernan Bridge

I arrived in Cebu last September 7 (it was a holiday) around 10 in the morning. Unlike in Metro Manila, the sun is up and shining there. After getting our baggage, we set on our vehicle and travel from Mactan Island (where the aiport is situated) to Cebu Island.

We pass by a bridge that connects the two islands, the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge. I had seen a few Cebuanos enjoying and swimming in the body of water. Wish the river back in my hometown is clean enough to have that kind of enjoyment.

I felt like a child wanting to plunge into the water with that kind of scene.

As we go on, I had an opportunity to take a shot of the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. It is the bridge that connects the two islands and is newer as compared to the bridge that we were passing by. It was named after the former Supreme Court Justice of the Philippines.

The bridge was opened August of 1999 with the length of 1,237 meters and center span of 185 meters and had known to be one of the longest and widest bridges in the Philippines.

I also got the chance to have a photo of it in a much nicer angle at one of our pitstops.

Ultrasound Technology or DMS

It is a fact that technology had been drastically changing our lifestyle. In the older days, there is no concrete way of saying what would be the gender of a baby in a mother’s womb. Just the mere myths of, if the mother is blooming, she will give birth to a girl, and if her nose is becoming big then she will be giving birth to a boy. But nowadays, Ultrasound Technology or DMS had been widely used to enable would-be parents to determine the gender of their babies. It will be practical to know it before the birth of the baby so as to prepare his things beforehand.

Well, DMS is not centered into determining a baby’s gender; it covers abdominal and small parts, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as introduction to vascular. All these specialization are covered in programs relating to DMS. You would interestingly find out as well that there were a lot of programs that awaken your medical interests.

I've Been Busy Last Week

While everyone is enjoying their long weekend (the declared holiday as the Philippines mourn over the death of Ka Erdy), I have been busy. There's no holiday for me then. I have to wake up early and be at Cubao by 6AM for I have to catch up my 9AM flight to Cebu. No, it was not for vacation, it was for work. I have to work even on a holiday. The declaration is that late that I already booked my travel and could not cancel my trip. It had been a busy week for me. Will be posting here the pictures I had taken in my succeeding posts.

Need Some Halloween Costume?

It is already the “BER” months, and I can already smell Christmas in the air. But wait! Before Christmas happens, there is still another joyous celebration, the Halloween. We have not celebrated any party for the Halloween here in our company, but I get to see some party on the streets as well as on TV. More so, there were children who wear Halloween costumes during All Saints Day while visiting their departed love ones. Here at our country, Halloween had been celebrated. Contests on the scariest and the loveliest Halloween costumes were held every 31st of October. And I am delighted on how creative the contestants were.

If ever I would be joining such contests, or if I will be picking an entry, the following costumes will be my pick. Well, not to win, but just for fun, and for personal gratification.

Foremost will be this Adult Carver The Killer Clown. I like the idea of having a clown as a scary creature rather than a funny one during the Halloween season. Well, for a change, and uniqueness. We all know that kids do love to play with the clowns. But having such scary clown creature, the children could also bear in mind that not all lovely or funny creatures are trustworthy. So, it is a suitable Halloween costume that also has the informative side of it.

Then, I would also be picking Bad Seed Creature Reacher. Halloween is always related to pumpkins. Hence, it is a brilliant thing to have a terrifying pumpkin alive, together with the large, trunk-like hands. This Halloween costume will surely be a hit, and could really be a winner.

All these costumes are available at Costume Cauldron. They’ve got a lot for adults, kids, and even toddlers. They don’t simply provide scary costumes, but they’ve got angel and fairy costumes as well. If you are excited of the upcoming Halloween, join them as they count the days to Halloween! Go here. And to keep you upbeat, feel free to become a fan of their FaceBook account.

TimeZone at TriNoMa

Next week, I will be pursuing my cancelled Cebu travel. It's all work then. But before that, I will be sharing with you one of the things that I am doing for entertainment.

These were my pictures 2 years ago. To eliminate stress from all-day work, me and my girl would normally pass by TimeZone at TriNoMa and have a shoot out. It is fun. I am already missing this kind of entertainment.

Buy Your Car

I am a well travelled person, as my work requires me to. But I will definitely enjoy my travel if I will be travelling for leisure and relaxation. I had always dreamt of being to these places that I’ve been with my girl, driving our own car. I had set in my mind that owning a car is important as we journey together. As early as now, I have been searching and equipping myself with knowledge about cars. And now, my toil won’t be that hard since BuyYourCar offers a variety of cars that one can choose from. Their gallery includes new cars, used cars, car leasing, contract hire, and van leasing. That uniqueness is accompanied by their mode of payment, may it be finance, pay cash, or even lease. The thing that delighted me about the site is its capability to search and enquire from their gallery. It saves me my precious time.

The Wonders of Surigao, Philippines

I have been to this island, specifically the Lake Mainit. But I haven't shared it here yet. This is just a quick post to share the following video as requested by Bonnie Sanchez. Hope this helps.

There are really a lot of wonderful unexplored islands in our country, the Philippines. Sadly, most of us wanted to go somewhere else. Have you seen one of the Amazing Race leg that was taken somewhere in Palawan? Who would have thought that we have a paradise-like place like that? I really love to wander around our country first, before taking on my tour on foreign lands. And Surigao will be a great destination.

Texas Salsa for My Girl

As what I have said in my previous post, my girl loves spicy dishes. Similarly, she loves spicy sauces. She would normally mix hot sauce into any dip we have whenever we dine in at a restaurant. But her love for spices is moderate; nothing to worry about.

She mentioned to me one time that she loves to sprinkle pepper powder in her rice whenever they have their lunch out at Snackaroo. She even requested me to buy her one. And with that, I had found out about Texas Salsa from Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop. I guess surprising her with a jar of Jalapeno Olives, a combination of Olives and Jalapenos with just enough spice will be a good idea. Or maybe, a Jalapeno Relish will do. But not now, she’s into dieting.

Thumbs up to Loco Cowpoke for offering these stuffs online; where ordering is as easy as 1-2-3. The usual Add to Cart option and Check Out is where the shop sticks to.

Bloggers Event at SM Marilao Foodcourt

It was 18th of August when I received an invitation from Sheryl, PR Manager of SM Marilao to attend a Bloggers Event that will be held August 29 at 1:30PM in SM Marilao Foodcourt. I was hesitant at first. I am really not into these events (until the 29th). But since my girl seem to like to go, I replied with a YES to Ms. Sheryl.

We were late. But it seems like the event had not started yet. We registered our (me and my girl) blogs from the registration table and proceed to the available laptop with internet connection (brought to us by SmartBro). The event mainly concerns bloggers within the vicinity (Bocaue, Balagtas, Marilao, and maybe Meycauayan). And I got the chance to be invited because of my post about SM Marilao Giant Santa Claus '08 (and Sherly did confirm it). The event's purpose is to launch the SM Marilao Foodcourt as a FREE WiFi Hotspot. We got to answer the survey concerning the WiFi connection. We also go to taste delicious food from the Foodcourt. And I have to say, I got really full. There is also a raffle among the bloggers (were only 10 in numbers) for a free EePC laptop. But we were unfortunate to win the raffle. Nonetheless, the event is worthwhile. Will surely attend every blogger event as possible from now on. We do not go home empty-handed (full stomach). SmartBro provide giveaways to all the participants.

To my fellow Bulakeños who drop by SM Marilao, would like to invite you to stay at SM Marilao Foodcourt and enjoy the Free WiFi there. Ü And here you go with the pictures :)

Testing the WiFi that connects as fast as 15 seconds

Chansel Pizza, I had 2 slices :D

The ever famous lechon manok of Baliuag. We oftentimes have this as our dinner back at my girl's house.

Another product of Baliwag Lechon

The Caldareta suits the taste of my girl, a little spicy.

Also this one, she loves squid.

I'm not into sisig, but this one tastes good.

A cup of iced coffee, same taste as that of Brownies'