I've Been Busy Last Week

While everyone is enjoying their long weekend (the declared holiday as the Philippines mourn over the death of Ka Erdy), I have been busy. There's no holiday for me then. I have to wake up early and be at Cubao by 6AM for I have to catch up my 9AM flight to Cebu. No, it was not for vacation, it was for work. I have to work even on a holiday. The declaration is that late that I already booked my travel and could not cancel my trip. It had been a busy week for me. Will be posting here the pictures I had taken in my succeeding posts.
2 Responses
  1. d'kitchen Says:

    who is ka erdy...never heard of him...anyhow, have a safe trip...regards sa angel mo...:)

    salamat pala sa comment...:)

  2. Carms Says:

    yes ka erdy died already it was sad I saw it in the news everybody was very emotional. Lucky for you pau kasi you got to go places regards to madz