Need Some Halloween Costume?

It is already the “BER” months, and I can already smell Christmas in the air. But wait! Before Christmas happens, there is still another joyous celebration, the Halloween. We have not celebrated any party for the Halloween here in our company, but I get to see some party on the streets as well as on TV. More so, there were children who wear Halloween costumes during All Saints Day while visiting their departed love ones. Here at our country, Halloween had been celebrated. Contests on the scariest and the loveliest Halloween costumes were held every 31st of October. And I am delighted on how creative the contestants were.

If ever I would be joining such contests, or if I will be picking an entry, the following costumes will be my pick. Well, not to win, but just for fun, and for personal gratification.

Foremost will be this Adult Carver The Killer Clown. I like the idea of having a clown as a scary creature rather than a funny one during the Halloween season. Well, for a change, and uniqueness. We all know that kids do love to play with the clowns. But having such scary clown creature, the children could also bear in mind that not all lovely or funny creatures are trustworthy. So, it is a suitable Halloween costume that also has the informative side of it.

Then, I would also be picking Bad Seed Creature Reacher. Halloween is always related to pumpkins. Hence, it is a brilliant thing to have a terrifying pumpkin alive, together with the large, trunk-like hands. This Halloween costume will surely be a hit, and could really be a winner.

All these costumes are available at Costume Cauldron. They’ve got a lot for adults, kids, and even toddlers. They don’t simply provide scary costumes, but they’ve got angel and fairy costumes as well. If you are excited of the upcoming Halloween, join them as they count the days to Halloween! Go here. And to keep you upbeat, feel free to become a fan of their FaceBook account.
4 Responses
  1. Solo Says:

    They are not yet announcing if we are going to have an halloween party in our company. But i think it would be great to celebrate it. ;d

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  2. Dhemz Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaa...this is very spooky!

  3. Basyon Says:

    The second one much scary hihihi. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Carms Says:

    I never had an halloween costume hehehe I'll be ok pau regards to madz