Bloggers Event at SM Marilao Foodcourt

It was 18th of August when I received an invitation from Sheryl, PR Manager of SM Marilao to attend a Bloggers Event that will be held August 29 at 1:30PM in SM Marilao Foodcourt. I was hesitant at first. I am really not into these events (until the 29th). But since my girl seem to like to go, I replied with a YES to Ms. Sheryl.

We were late. But it seems like the event had not started yet. We registered our (me and my girl) blogs from the registration table and proceed to the available laptop with internet connection (brought to us by SmartBro). The event mainly concerns bloggers within the vicinity (Bocaue, Balagtas, Marilao, and maybe Meycauayan). And I got the chance to be invited because of my post about SM Marilao Giant Santa Claus '08 (and Sherly did confirm it). The event's purpose is to launch the SM Marilao Foodcourt as a FREE WiFi Hotspot. We got to answer the survey concerning the WiFi connection. We also go to taste delicious food from the Foodcourt. And I have to say, I got really full. There is also a raffle among the bloggers (were only 10 in numbers) for a free EePC laptop. But we were unfortunate to win the raffle. Nonetheless, the event is worthwhile. Will surely attend every blogger event as possible from now on. We do not go home empty-handed (full stomach). SmartBro provide giveaways to all the participants.

To my fellow Bulakeños who drop by SM Marilao, would like to invite you to stay at SM Marilao Foodcourt and enjoy the Free WiFi there. Ü And here you go with the pictures :)

Testing the WiFi that connects as fast as 15 seconds

Chansel Pizza, I had 2 slices :D

The ever famous lechon manok of Baliuag. We oftentimes have this as our dinner back at my girl's house.

Another product of Baliwag Lechon

The Caldareta suits the taste of my girl, a little spicy.

Also this one, she loves squid.

I'm not into sisig, but this one tastes good.

A cup of iced coffee, same taste as that of Brownies'

3 Responses
  1. Carms Says:

    ang sarap na man yan pau regards to madz thanks by the way for the greeting

  2. Carms Says:

    we never had an event like that maybe there is it is just that I don't go out a lot in the malls house, church and school lang ako

  3. Sheryl Says:

    Thanks a lot, Paulo, for joining our Foodcourt's bloggers event.

    Hope you could join us again next time. Please tell your friends that the whole SM Marilao will be a WiFi zone come October. Do visit for updates. Thanks again!