Globe Platinum Cinema at Gateway Mall

I am not a movie goer, but I can say that it is best to experience every kind of cinema there is. I already enjoyed the thrill of being one with the movie through the IMAX 3D of Mall of Asia. I had compared the excitement with Trinoma Digital 3D Cinema. And I have shared both experiences with you. Now, I'll be going to share another superb form of movie entertainment, the Globe Platinum Cinema.

In my lazy boy seat.

Globe Platinum Cinema located at the 4th Level of Gateway Mall, situated beside Araneta Coliseum has made itself popular through its cozy lazy boy seats and unlimited (but now, it is NOT) popcorn and iced tea treats. The movie costs PhP351 (Angels and Demons). I should say that it is worth the cost since you really can relax while watching the film. I had really laid down while watching and eating my popcorn. And oh, by the way, the movie is interestingly great!

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  1. Carms Says:

    I wish I could watch a movie soon.