Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 at UP Diliman, Quezon City

My Running Diary:
  1. Adidas King of the Road 2009 - October 25, 2009 : 0:48:59
  2. A Run for the Pasig River - November 8, 2009
  3. Time is Running, The 2009 Timex Run - November 15, 2009 : 0:43:49/0:41:23
  4. Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2009 - November 22, 2009 : 0:53:50
  5. New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope 2009 - November 29, 2009 (Bandit) : 0:38:19
  6. 1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 - December 6, 2009 : 0:42:25 (unofficial)
  7. Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 - December 13, 2009 : 0:38:13 (unofficial)
For the record, joining run events is bringing fun and fulfillment on my part. And the greater challenge for me in each and every race is not to cross the FINISH line; but to wake up early in the morning and catch a bus going to the meeting place, LOL! It has always been hard for me to wake up early; and it is harder to catch up a bus. Not to mention the very early moderate traffic brought by the Balintawak Market and the ongoing MRT-LRT construction. Nonetheless, I still make it on time to the meeting place.

In the starting line, we were situated almost next to the Kenyan winner of the Time is Running, the 2009 Timex Run (if we were not mistaken). Unlike last 1st CMDP Yes Run 2009, I did not dare myself to run along with him; for I know I will just tire myself out in the first few seconds of the race. As the trigger is pulled to signal the start, I just fixed my eyes on him, until I had no vision of him at all. He really runs so fast, but with simplicity. My girl allowed me to go ahead of her. She told me that she’ll practice her pacing. But of course I did not let myself run too far from her. I would always see to it that she is just within my eyesight.

My role as her official photographer had been detached from me for this run, LOL! Thanks to RunningAtom's wifey who captured our photo perfectly. I did not even notice her. So this is a natural picture of me while running.

Oh, look at my saggy cheeks =(

In the second water station, we stopped to have ourselves hydrated. And then she held my hand. I know she needed my support, and so I ran beside her. She told me that her left knee was aching; but she is a wonder for she was still able to run and continue with her pace – until we crossed the FINISH line at 0:38:13.

After crossing the finish line, we already lined ourselves up in the freebies to finishers: (1) Mighty Bond bracelet, (2) Lugaw with Quail Eggs, (3) Bacchus Energy Drink, (4) Magazine, and (5) Certificate. We failed to have the free Elasto Seal, they ran out of stock. We also did not avail of the free photo shoot for we’re seeing that it’ll just be a waste of time similar to what happened in the New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope. We just take photos of ourselves.

At the stage

While waiting for the program to end, awarding of the winners and raffle prizes, we sat in front of the Palma Hall.

RunningAtom, BanditRunner, RunningPoy, CaptainRunner, TsuperRunner's Son Quiel, BanditRunner's Sister, MinnieRunner, and TsuperRunner

For me, UP Diliman is the best race venue so far. It is for nature lovers.
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  1. Wow, you're a real runner, Paulo...
    Are you a professional athlete?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    nice writting.Visit> for all fashion related updates

  3. Paulo Says:

    @lina, nope I'm not! I just find fun in running =)

    @anonymous, will try and visit.

  4. Richard Says:

    do you know where to find the race results and photographs

  5. snowshoes Says:

    I think we're all stil waiting for the race results even though it's been four weeks. I have seen people on other running blogs trying to find the results and contacting the organizers. Let's hope soon!

  6. Richard Says:

    Do you know of website sites that show other upcoming running events like this one in Metro Manila?

  7. Paulo Says:

    @Richard, I still don't have the results, will post it here once I got them. Check on, they got the list of races there.