Owning a Car, One Step at a Time

I have long been dreaming of owning a car. I am seeing the advantages of having one. I’ll surely find comfort in traveling. At the same sense, I would have no worries in reaching places that I haven’t been yet. I once told my girl, that if we already have our own car, I would tour her in the different places that I have already been. I have been enjoying my work, traveling around the country, but I could have enjoyed it better if I have the company of my girl. And to have it in fulfillment, I am seeing that owning a car would help me achieve it. Well of course, our budget is hindering us. We are prioritizing our dream house, rather than our dream car. Needless to say, I still almost always utter, “If only we already have a car”, whenever we have to travel in agony (okay, that’s exaggeration).

Now that both of us were running buffs, I am also thinking that having our own car could make our ‘new career’ more enjoyable. Have you read my latest post about our recent run? Oh yeah, my challenge is to catch a bus or a cab to bring me our meeting place (deep breath).

And whenever I am telling this to my girl, she always knew how to make me smile; she is always giving me relief. She would tell me that in order to achieve our goal (that is to have a car) we should start one step at a time. “Let’s go ahead and buy an air freshener.” Then, we’ll both burst into laughter. I’ll second the motion by saying, “If we’ll be able to save more, let’s go and buy a steering rack.” (smiling) And that’s happiness for me. But I am really aiming that we could own a car – after having our home built.
2 Responses
  1. Your girl is so kind and really understands your condition, Paulo...
    Wish you can achieve both : your dream house and car, too!
    We have an old black jeep now, it's not a car for comfort, of course, but we love it...

  2. santi Says:

    this is revolution for future, thanks for your article