Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales and My Nikon D60 SLR

I hardly remember the last time I set my foot on a zoo. Probably it was when I accompany my nephew and his family at Manila Zoo. I could barely recall. And last Saturday, I set my foot once more on a zoo, the Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales, together with my girl and her family. It was her sister-in-law’s birthday. And since it was a zoo where a lot of picture perfect subjects are available, I bring with me my Nikon D60 SLR.

The trip to Subic had been a breeze since we take the SCTEx (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). The mere scenery along the expressway is already a good subject for my photo shoots. But since we’re moving, I cannot take a good shot.

Upon arriving at Subic, we had our photo session along the shore of Subic Bay and outside the Gerry’s Grill where we had our lunch. I got a handful of quality shots there. By the way, there were two of us who bring along our SLR’s. And I believe these were the best of our pictures, he he.

Zoobic Safari had an entrance fee of PhP449 which already includes a minimum of 2 hours tour around the zoo where you would be accompanied by tour guides by group. I believe there were around 50 of us in a group. The way to the Tiger Close Encounter and Tiger Safari is a long walk, so they advised to have your vehicle with you. Or, you may take the train for PhP50. For us, we go for the train ride so that we won’t be left behind by our tour guide. You’ll be taken back via coaster to the pavilion (entrance) after the trip.

As we tour around, I take bunch of photos. In our whole trip, I had 506 shots, he he. I am just trigger happy, with my SLR. Here's a few.

On our way home, we drop by Duty Free to buy some chocolates and other imported goodies. It is already dark outside. My girl asked me to take a shot of her while writing something through the lights from her cell phone. Her brother handed her a flash light, her cousin asked me to lengthen my shutter speed, and here’s the result.

If I have a tripod, the image would be much clearer. I would want to study this kind of photography.

It was my girl’s sister-in-law’s birthday, but everyone from the trip enjoyed the Zoobic Safari, a part of which is brought about by our Nikon DSLR’s Ü
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