Extraordinary Songs at Aliw Theater and Urbanathlon at McKinley

My weekend had been a busy one. I had watched the Extraordinary Songs concert at Aliw Theater, CCP Complex, Pasay City and survived the obstacles of Men's Health Urbanathlon 2009 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Doing both entail me sacrificing one thing - sleeping. I have been awake for more than 24 hours. Nonetheless, the entertainment brought by Erik Santos, Sitti Navarro, and The Company; and the fulfillment after crossing the finish line after passing through 5 obstacles made THAT sacrifice worth it.

I am really not familiar of Sitti's face. I just know about her beautiful renditions of classic songs, and her Bossa Nova songs. But now, I would definitely recognize her doll-like face in the future.

My office buddies and Sitti

Erik Santos is really a winner. And I love the way he sang Michael Jackson songs with a twist. Also the Nobody by Wonder Girls; which he had sung in different versions - versions as he see how his co-artists would sing it in a melodramatic tone.

Sitti and Erik were surely indebted to the performance of The Company as their special guests. They had awaken the crowd with their songs sang in the dance hit tunes of the decade.

Erik and Sitti with The Company

Erik's friends also watched the concert, namely Christian Bautista, Piolo Pascual, and Mark Bautista - whom we happen to take pictures with.

with Christian Bautista

with Mark Bautista

After the concert and coveted photo op with the performers, we had a cup of coffee at Starbucks beside the Manila Bay.

-- End of Extraordinary Songs --

It was around 2:30AM, and we haven't sleep yet. But we have to wake up around 4 in the wee hours to be on time for our Urbanathlon run, where gun start will be at 5:50AM for the 10K runners. My hunch is that I had slept about 5 minutes the most. And then we're set to prepare for our run.

We were lucky to arrive at the venue on time, and as for me and my girl, to have the energy to start the race. But our camera don't have enough battery to stand as witness in this event *sigh*.

A Pose Before the Race

As my eyes wander around the venue, I spotted 3 of the 5 obstacles that we will encounter along the route - the hurdles, the low crawl, and the wall climb. Merely seeing those obstacles already made me think twice if we would be able to finish the race. But my girl is so positive that we can make it. We both wanted to finish the race immediately.

As the gun start, we aimed overtaking several runners. I counted them as the first obstacle, so there were a total of 6, LOL! The next was the 3 hurdles along the way. I am glad to know that I can jump over those. But I still need to assist my girl with it. She can't jump over them.

The next obstacle was the body weaver which I find a little hard getting up after my last weave. Probably I can't carry my own weight? After which, we have to climb 8 floors up, and of course go down, so a total of 16 floors for the vertical climb. Similar with my girl, my feet climb up the building on itself, ha ha.

On the second water station, I felt a little pain in my left belly, he he. So I asked my girl to walk for a while. Maybe I got too much water. Or because we haven't slept yet?

After the turn around, I have spotted several Photo Vendo photographers. And so, me and my girl decided to run alone for us to have a good shot, he he. Hope they were able to capture our running moments.

Second to the last obstacle was the low crawl which we had finished easily and abruptly. And now, the greatest challenge for my part was climbing the wall. I pointed my girl to climb on the girl's corner so that she can be assisted by several officials of the race. As for me, I really fear that I might fall down, that I might slip from the rope. Good that I managed to overcome the wall, and passed the finish line successfully.

Since we had consumed a considerable amount of time in the wall climb, there were no more free loot bag from St. Luke's left for us. And so we just proceeded with the free Kenny Roger's breakfast (a sandwich and an iced tea). Then, off to the free drinks (a bottle of Gatorade and Mineral Water). Along the way, we were given free Cecon Vitamin C. We also queued at the claiming of the Finisher's shirt - it was labeled Urbanathlete (something I am really proud of). We were about to claim a free hat from Frenzy, but they ran out of stock.

A pose with the Urbanathletes

-- End of Urbanathlon 2009 --

Surely, you won't regret depriving yourself of sleep with these activities.
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  1. Alkapon Says:

    Base! Yung 1st pic, yung nasa gitna, ang cute nya.. sino siya?

  2. RunningAtom Says:

    Pau, race results are already out.. thanks to Coach Rio :)

    Check it out!

  3. Basyon Says:

    Oh wow! Sitti is my idol and so Erik Santos. You are so lucky to see them in person. ;D

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  4. glentot Says:

    I though Sitti is fat...