Eyeglasses for the Holiday

Aside from being fond of cool gadgets, I also am doting of shoes and eyeglasses. I already lost count of how many pairs of eyeglasses I already bought. From the cheapest ones to those of Polaroid lenses. But, I don’t find it as an addiction, rather an appreciation of these fashionable eyeglasses.

An online shop of such, the Zenni Optical, offers a wide range of eyeglasses that is presented by category. I take a look at their New Arrival section and got overwhelmed of their collection. I found a frame that looks like a Transformer collectible.

Browsing over, they got wonderful collection of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses. They got colorful frames as well as simple yet elegant ones. Here’s my personal pick.

It is perfect for the coming Christmas. Labeled as “Dashing Through The Snow”, its frame is decorated by Santa and his sleigh. It costs $15.95.

Another one that’s great for this Yuletide season is this Cobalt blue-framed eyeglass.

It comes with a night scene of Santa and the reindeer across a starlit sky. This one also costs $15.95.

With Zenni Optical, they offer not only these fashionable eyeglasses. They also got the cheapest pair over the net. They got as low as $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses.
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