Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival Race Result and Photo Vendo

I am a bit disappointed with my last race, for I almost finished last in the race. Nevertheless, it was still fulfilling for I was able to overcome all the obstacles along the way - even with just 5 minutes of sleep.

On the lighter side, the Photo Vendo already released the pictures they had taken during the race. As always, they captured the plastic bag I am carrying loaded with bottles for our hydration, he he.

Do I look good?
3 Responses
  1. Jules Says:

    u really look good :D lol have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. glentot Says:

    Hmm parang tumatakbo from the paparazzis ah hhehehe

  3. Solo Says:

    Wow! You look good. ;D Didn't you even get tired of carrying that bottle while running? Well, just asking. ;D

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