Adidas King of the Road 2009

Finally, I had been convinced by my girl to join her in her running career. It was dawn of October 25, 2009. I gave her several calls, but she had not picked up her phone. Probably she was still asleep. As for me, I already prepared myself for the event. Cutting the story short, we met at GMA MRT Station around 5:15AM. It was kinda late already. We advised her officemate to go ahead and just inform us the exact location that we were suppose to tell the cab we're to ride on. Unfortunately, we hailed an airport-metered cab whose flag down rate is PhP70.00. We thought that it would just be and additional PhP40.00 to the fare in an ordinary taxi. But, we later on find out that the taxi meter is reading like water droplets. Not to mention that we got off the cab at Market Market (the 4KM marker of the race). It was a whopping PhP250.00 for our taxi fare.

It was a blessing that another officemate of her had a vehicle where we could drop our things rather than on the baggage area provided by the RACE unorganizers. We're all set and ready to run. We overheard the gun start for the 10KM run. But before we set our foot at the starting line, we have to attend to the call of nature, we have to pee. And we're late. My girl had to queue for longer than 15 minutes before we finally find our way in the race.

During the race, my girl find me surprisingly fast. Well I guess it was contributed by my almost daily biking exercise. Being a gentleman, I never left my girl alone. I just go on with her pace. Officially, I have been her photographer. I never bother at all. It was enjoyable, running with your girl, sometimes holding each other's hands.

We finished the 5KM stretch for 59 minutes. And I guess I could still give more. Could that mean that I can bear the 10KM run next time?

After the race, we queue for the free banana, gatorade, and pandesal. We also claimed our Certificate from the booth provided. We also got to witness part of the awarding ceremony.

Now, I think I am equally eager to run the extra mile with my girl. I am already asking her of the next running events.

Here are some of the photos I've got in our Adidas King of the Road 2009 participation.

Running beyond the 4K mark

At the finish line

A pose at the 5K wall

Posing at the 21K wall

Photo Op before leaving The Fort
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