After Ondoy - New Lyrics of the Old Folk Song "Bahay Kubo"

Received this e-mail from a colleague, and I believe this is worth sharing. Well, this is how Filipinos are known for, being happy and cheerful regardless of the situation. That is how we were able to surpass each and every trial that we had faced for the past years.

TODAY’S JOKE: Let’s be cheerful, for a change, after all that gloom and doom. A friend forwarded me new lyrics for the old folk song “Bahay Kubo” that many children are now singing.

Bahay ko po
Dami putik,
Ang pumasok doon
Ay sari-sari.
Nilamas na karton,
Sirang medyas at damit,
Silya, basurang mapanghe.
“Ondoy” parusa, binura Marikina,
At saka meron pa: lubog ang Edsa,
Montalban at Pasig, Taytay at Cainta,
Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng baha.
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  1. Nice lyrics.. Hope that people are aware now on how to protect their community. Let's clean our surroundings and live healthy.