My Personal Notes About Yahoo Domain

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I have been previously discussing about the importance of web presence and owning a domain in my previous posts. Now, let me discuss my personal notes about yahoo domain.

The things that one would normally consider in purchasing your own domain is the, of course, stability of the registrar/provider. In my cyber life, I haven’t experienced downtime with Yahoo. And since Yahoo Domains are hosted on the very same server as, owning a domain under Yahoo would mean an equally stable website for you. Not to mention that it is cheaper that other competitors. The average spending that you’ll have in owning a domain is $10 annually. But for Yahoo, new customers are billed as little as $1.99 per year and $9.95 for existing customers.

On top of this encouraging package, here’s a gist of its main features:
  1. PC Magazine Rated Easiest
  2. 24 Hour Toll-Free Customer Service
  3. Domain Management
  4. Private Domain Registration
  5. Starter Web Page
  6. Domain Locking
  7. Domain Forwarding
  8. Complete Domain (DNS) Control
  9. Email Forwarding
  10. Room to Grow

All these features were really inviting. A colleague had already purchased one from Yahoo. He is actually staring a website for his God-inspired site to encourage volunteers and kind-hearted individuals to share their gifts. And I must say that he had chosen the perfect domain name registrar.
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  1. Ekiw Says:

    nice info dude...thanks for share

  2. Basyon Says:

    Very well written. Such a great post to read, thanks for sharing bro. ;D

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